But he's such a nice man! He wouldn't do anything like that.

"Operation Candyman"

is the codename for the FBI’s nationwide crusade to sweep the Net clean of child abuse and child porn. This is oil on a poplar wood panel. The surface of the painting has been distressed in reference to the distressing character. The body of the man purposefully left ambiguous. The focus is on the face and perceived qualities and draws the eyes away from the area of the

It offends thee?

A week or so ago a person using the men's bathroom told a member of the Chamber of Commerce they felt Ken's painting in the Chamberpot Gallery could be viewed as blasphemous. A few days later the painting was ripped off the wall, damaged and tossed in the trash. It is too much of a coincidence to believe that it was anything other than a deliberate act. It is always sad that any artist's work

The Child: Part Three

Do I want to represent the child in the story, or the horror a child faces. Is it all going to be on one painting on canvas, or wood? Oil or acrylic? I decided that the painting is about feelings that transcend one incident, but how to depict raw emotion. I remembered an incident I faced at sixteen. I was on the 3rd floor of a car park and standing by the elevator when a man grabbed me by the

Genesis of a Painting

I long time ago I did a small study on canvas of a part of a Lucien Freud painting of Francis Bacon. I found it a few weeks ago and didn't want to put it back in the cuboard hidden away, so I decided to use it. I stitched it onto a canvas (28"x28")and left it for a couple of weeks to let the muse tell me what it needed next. I then painted a face around it. After the painting was finshed the

Stick Men

Emporium, looking down on the coffee drinkers saying: " Hey, we are cool dudes and like hanging around here". I think they like the open mic poetry nights, but they won't admit it.

I really don't have a story about these mixed media sculptures. I was inspired by funerary sticks of africa and it led to this. It seems as I do them they have their own story to tell. I envision them all (

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