Peace Sign: Up or Down

Ever had one of those brain fart moments?
Nancy and I did for a minute when putting up our new peace sign and couldn't remember which way to put it, duh! The version we know was designed by Gerald Holtom , a pacifist, who was promoting Nuclear Disarmament. The image isn't a new one though, the current version is an adaptation of the Algiz ( (Rune of Protection). I rather like it this way as

The Intrigues of an Artist

"Cage believed that for artists of his and Rauschenberg's temperament it was necessary to develop an inner toughness and an almost total indifference to the opinions of others-not an angry, go-to-hell indifference but a firm conviction that the opinions of others were their affair rather than yours" page 66 2nd paragraph Off the Wall

I am really enjoying this book and some of the reminders

Life Drawing

30 minute pose

We had a fabulous model at the drawing session who is really experienced in poses. This one looks easy (or maybe not) but the foreshortening isn't, at least for me. The length and angle of the legs were a real challenge, as was the arm. Hands, arg! I am going to have to really practice drawing hands, my major weakness. 30 minutes isn't very long pose and it takes this

Mixing paint and embroidery

Work in Progress

Experiments in mixing media

"You begin with the possibilities of the material"

Art Quotes

I like that quote and that's what I've been trying. I experimented with a photo transfer of one of my paintings (which has been used for sticker street art quite a bit) on muslin to embroider over. I painted on the embroidery floss itself. I did the lips in white satin stitch and then

Book Front in Stitch

Tea stained linen, iron on transfer, embroidery, seed beads

I decided to start a textile sketchbook titled Oops!, which is something that can be ongoing and filled with experiments, sample stitches, text and images. I also started working on another project and laid the groundwork today. It's a little daunting because it's quite large, but I figure there's no hurry and I can pace

How To's and Every Which Way

How to make a stencil

How to
translate a pattern for needlepoint, knitting or crochet with Knit Pro
From the Ladies Fancywork Society

How to
Cover a Painting with Resin

How to
make LED graffiti throwies
Found at Graffiti Search Lab

Jafabrit's Studio
This That and Every Which Way
I went mad with the crochet and did thistop one for the new Peace Pole on Dayton and Corry Street in Yellow

Yarnbombing and Spray Paint

Dayton and Walnut Street, Yellow Springs, Ohio

Thought I would experiment using a Stencil I made couple of years ago and spray painting a recycled piece of knitting (by my daughter) from the knit knot tree. I really liked how it turned out and might experiment more with meshing the two together.

One of the masters and considered the godfather of Stencil Graffiti
Blek le Rat
Check out

Thrift Shop Art and confusing differences in English

Thrift Store Art Renewed
I have seen this done many years ago and always meant to play with the idea.
Maybe I'll go and pick something up next week at the thrift store (charity shop) eh!
Today I picked this up.

Wonder what the heck I will do with it.
Stay Tuned

YarnFul Frustrations
I learned to crochet in England and I wanted to reacquaint myself with how to do a granny square. So I went

Contemporary Embroidery & Experiments

"Naked in the Garden" by ©Gavin Fry
Photo used with  permission

Gavin Fry describes himself as a "sunday embroiderer" lol, and boy he sure uses that day well. What I like about this work is the mixture of modern and traditional, the foreshortened figure (which is always a drawing challenge),the beautiful border, the colour of the fabric and of course the stitchwork.



Stealing Images: copyright violation

This is NOT cool, I found this poster using MY artwork on the comment section of this myspace page! by someone called twinkyproductions. advertizing the band on the their my space page.

I wonder if the band likes to get paid for their work?
Nobody asked me. I did not give permission.
When I sent a message asking about it
I was told I was a Mother Fucker
Copyright Law

Love this Photo

so much I ordered a print

Image used with permission:It's by Nathan Leach-Proffer at Speed Photos
Graffiti Alley Ann Arbor MI

I love it not just because it's my knit graffiti camo doll, but because the photographer has transformed my art to create his own art and vision. I love the whole angle and mood , the quality of the photography, the colours. It's like she wants to break free and fly

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