sketchbook: window of the soul

A sketchbook where everything gets dumped into it, images of things, words, poems, etc. Maybe a window to the authors soul? I suppose that depends on the owner of the sketcbook and the perception of others.

I thought it hilarious when my neighbour from glasgow told me she had never heard the Geordie version of tell tale tit (it isn't like we live thousands of miles from each other and come from

I'm so sexy it kills me! & Xmas Tree Art


Don't you ever watch the VS angel ads and say to yourself, "oh yea, I always walk around the castle grounds in winter or come down the grand staircase in me bra and knickers all the time." Ah those seasonal ads!

Sketchbook doodles : the art of a tree

Remember the fad last year for hanging xmas trees upside down. It isn't exactly a new fad, goes back to 600 Ad thanks to

YES! That Elusive Art Muse

came to me last night just as I drifted off to sleep. I thought, "wow what a good idea". Then I spent the last few seconds desperately telling myself I must remember what my muse said, must remember! must remember! This morning I remembered and I wrote it down in my sketch book that was on my nightstand. I have no idea what it means or relates to, but heck I am going to work on it.


Using Photographs in Art

Someone said to me about this painting, “it looks like a photograph” and I responded, “oh, no it’s an oil painting.” At the time I thought she meant it looked like a collage or something, but later I realized she was perhaps questioning whether I had done it from a photograph.

There have a number of discussions on various blogs and art sites discussing the use of photographs by painters

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