Raining Cats, Dogs AND Elephants

So it's a bit difficult to indulge flaneur-ly ways. Walking on the treadmill and watching a Palin documentary doesn't exactly cut it (although it's exercise and that is a GOOD thing and Palin's documentaries are brilliant).

It Raining Cats & Dogs

By the way here is the explanation from phrases org of the origin of the phrase and an analytical debunking of other claimed origins.

So Wot's

A bit of a Flaneur

Yes, I would say that's what I am, a bit of a Flaneur. Even as a teen I would spend hours strolling around the cities or towns I lived. In Washington DC I just walked, 6 hours one day and 7 the next day. The Arcades Project points out a "flâneur" is completely at home in this cross between interior-exterior because his own personal interior-exterior boundaries are also ambiguous".

Cutlure Watch around Yellow Springs

Keith's Alley, Yellow Springs, Ohio

Sometimes I just like to wander around town and especially Keith's alley to see what new mural or graffiti has gone up. I love this artists work (RAC mentioned in the Dayton Daily News). He also did the side of Bentino's on the bike trail. I'm really happy to see some more of his work around town. Under the layers on the next wall is my first and last

Tennis Elbow and Stuff

and I don't even play tennis. Nope, been embroidering like a mad woman and I'm paying for it, DANG! This article states: "The doctor may tell you to stop any activities that cause symptoms."

I don't think so. Okay, will have to slow down a bit and work on other stuff to give my arm a break, yikes! I mean a rest. Meanwhile this is the progress on my embroidery sketchbook portrait called


Monday Moans:Tortured Artist piffle

Wikipedia gives a definition of the what a "tortured artist" is
and I would say sure there are some tortured souls who happen to be artists, but what about the tortured doctors, nurses, traffic wardens, dentists, stay at home mums, cops, jailers, teachers, farmers, bankers, politicians, shop assistants, journalists, x ray technicians, etc.
ps. the wiki entry has changed

Hum! Reeeeeeeeeeeeally!

the eyes have it

and I just love painting them AND embroidering them.

Have to share this classic moment in comedy again
Cook's and Moore's discussion of art and eyes in art still has me in stitches

She's on top of her ergi

Art News Blog hosted a wee "win a chair" competition give away from WayFair Furniture :)

wowie I WON
All we had to do was leave a comment what colour and why and I wrote:
"The topstar in lime green because it looks like a work of art, because it rocks, because it looks goofy, because it would fit in my studio, because I LOVE it, because I WANT one, because I want to hear my husband say, "

I of the NEEDLES

The Guerrilla Girl in Me

is located on Corry Street outside IN A FRAME
I decided to do a mini version of the camo doll knit graffiti. It's amazing how many people pass this box and NEVER notice it, so it is one of those quiet little art pieces hanging around town. I kind of like the idea that it blends in so well people don't notice it, but when they do I hope it is a nice little surprise.

Sketchbook: Children's Drawing & Embroidery

I adored the little drawing and note my son wrote when he was eight and printed a copy of it for my painted sketchbook page. I thought it would be fun to do this page in stitch.

Colours are not quite as intense, but it is a acrylic color wash on yellow fabric. Next I will start the embroidery at the lower half. The doctor figure is trapunto, which you might be able to see close up. Basically

Life muddles on:However is the word

I seem to be on some kind of partial sabbatical from blogging and painting. Part of it seems to be the waning interest my blog generates and reduction of visitors (90% visits are via google search), part of it is my indifference to the whole business of art ( promoting it or trying to sell it). I would say disappointment and discouragement has taken it's toll in that regard.


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