Sunny Yellow

Acrylic Reverse Painting on Plastic 

I asked the owner of Ha Ha Pizza if he minded if I stuck up a piece of art on their wall and got a resounding YES :) Hope the staff enjoy. 

It was Pepperoni & Anchovy Pizza day with pals

JafaT and JafaMOG aka Nancy Mellon


Free Art Friday

 It may have been a dull grey day outside but inside it was sunny happy cozy day in this Yellow Springs,

Artful Dodger

 Organizing a wedding in 2 months has proved to be consuming and become a bit of an artful dodger, stealing all my time. I also seem to be prone to wedding humour.


there are windows of time where the  ART muse pokes her head around the corner and screams delights at me. 

So along with the joys of planning a wedding with my darling girl,  I am in the studio working. I finished the

Power of We: Creative Altruism

 It's Blog Action Day, a global event where bloggers around the world post on the same subject and this year the theme is 
The Power of We. 

Craft Activism 
It took me a while to consider myself a craft activist. I made the mistake of thinking that being an activist required joining a group and marching/ protesting in the classic sense and forgetting activism comes in all shapes and sizes.

Bones of Art

  Life Drawing Study by Jafabrit

Drawing is the 'bones' of art.

 You have to be able to walk

 before you can run.

 Dion Archibald

Never Underestimate the Power of Life Drawing

9 Common Figure Drawing Mistakes

World Smile Day

That's right, today is world smile day and to learn all about it visit their website at World Smile Day

San Antonio Texas

Their motto is Do an act of kindness. Help one person smile! and that is definitely a motto that fits with jafagirls operation smiley face, and all those artists who leave free art out all over the world. 

What are you doing to bring a smile today?

Today's free art for

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