Handy Maid

Olga Ziemska and Jen, her trusty assistant troublemaker, made a plaster cast of my hands for her new sculpture for Yellow Springs. To see one of her hand/birch sculpture pieces (which is fabulous) check out Virgils blog.

photo by Virgil Hervey
Yea, okay, not the most flattering pic, but err, I was having a moment.

Thou Doth Protest
"Get Knitted" protests with Knit Graffiti: Cambridge News

Eye on Brutality

Embroidery, paint on tea stained muslim

"IN THE 19TH CENTURY, the paramount moral challenge was slavery. In the 20th century, it was totalitarianism. In this century, it is the brutality inflicted on so many women and girls around the globe: sex trafficking, acid attacks, bride burnings and mass rape."
Women's Crusade New York Times Magazine

How to fight this scourge.

There is an answer

What happens to old Knit Graffiti

That presumes the knitting stays up long enough to get old :) My camo barbies in graffiti alley Ann Arbor seem popular and are taken pretty quickly. However in Yellow Springs Ohio the knit graffit stays up until they are on their last threads. Then we take them down and recycle if we can. Some pieces end up on other poles, some used in projects like the traveling storybox, or the watering can

Radical Craft, Recycling & Drawing Skills

Made a little sample piece for the Radical Craft show coming up using scraps of yarn and a doll I picked up at a garage sale. Nancy and I are trying to get Mr.Plato finished, arg! nearly! nearly!
So many things coming from different directions.

Meanwhile Learning to Improve Drawing Skills

4 minute study with non dominant hand

""When you put your pencil in your left hand, it

Evils AND Wickedness

Hand Embroidery translation from sketchbook.
Here is the back story about the saying Tellie Tale Tit.
I did the drawing in my sketchbook with my left hand which I think gives a frazzled look and lends itself to the nature of those whose tongues are laced with poisonous disconnect to reality. The bird I drew with my right hand.
Embroidered with my right: and if the tennis elbow commentator had

Leraning to Improve Drawing Skills

4 minute study with non dominant hand

""When you put your pencil in your left hand, it could be that it makes the connection more directly to that part of the brain responsible for physical coordination and spatial perception," Witta-Kemph said. From Article: Left Hand Drawing Improves Skills

I do find that drawing with the left keeps me loose and my focus is different. I am not thinking

Culture Watch: Strange Shoes and Isaiah Zagar

Saw these Bob Basset "leather paw shoes"
in a New York Times Remix Article by Lynn Phillips
and couldn't stop laughing, I love them.

Isaiah Zagar
HBO2 Monday is presenting a documentary about this artist whose work covers buildings in Philadelphia called "In a Dream" by his son Jeremiah. If anyone watches it let me know what you think. We don't have HBO :( and this looks like it will

Artful Joys

Come in so many ways

Happy Heart
acrylic on mdf, glitter, reverse painted plastic piece, resinAvailable soon at IN A FRAME in Yellow Springs, OhioIt's been months since I have wanted to paint and the lack of desire kind of scared me. I can't explain why I didn't want to paint, but I decided that's what the muse wanted and went with the flow. I am having fun with a new set of heart paintings

Yarn Bombing Book and Oh Deary Me

The Art of Crochet and Knit Graffitiby Mandy Moore and Leanne Prain
Arsenal Pulp Press

The book is heeeeeeeeeeeeeeere and if you look at my side bar you will see a widget with a wee slide show that includes the jafagirls 'knit fairy" on Dayton Street in Yellow Springs, woo hoo. I can't even list all the fabu yarny contributers, but their work with knock your woolly socks off.
Check out what

As I wandered

not quite as lonely as a cloud I came upon this

on Dayton Street in Yellow Springs and although some think it is by the jafagirls, it is NOT. I am delighted to see others putting stuff up in town and this one is fun. It says "take something special, leave something special"

I am now part of the Dayton Street Alliance, a group that supports business' on an oft neglected side of town, the dark

Drawing with Thread

"Cat Scan"
Hand embroidery on muslin with acyrlic paint and embossed metal for skull

The left side is based on a left handed drawing in my sketchbook. I left some threads loose to maintain the looseness of the drawing. It's called cat scan because the hair was actually a collage in the sketchbook of a cat scan image.

Embroidery Group
So I am now a member of the Mad River Valley (love


embroidery floss on muslincouching stitch

She doesn't need arms or legs, she doesn't need a brain, nope all she needs are boobs. A walking waddling boob. She was a doodle in my sketchbook and borne out of a response to a story about a boob job gone wrong. What is with this obsessive need to have giant static grapefruit sized boobies in the usa. Woman reduced to nothing more than a

Medusa Stone

One of my wee portraits on stone found it's way to Norwegianity's Bulletin Board.
I LOVE the pins, makes her look like Medusa.

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