Charles Manson! A Quick Peek from the Shop!

Charles Manson's Eye's.  New Tattoo by Brett Baumgart

Embroidery and Embossing Foil

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Feliné Picato says

and her name is pronounced Feleenay

Experimenting with embossing foil and embroidery for an idea I want to work on. This will probably end up somewhere for Free Art Friday this week. 

I have been busy helping out with the Yellow Springs Arts Council and their new gallery space (tracking down info for picture rails, and buying paint, updating website, etc

Scrapbook Snippets 1970: Should Men Wear Makeup and Jacobean Embroidery

It was a big article in one of my FAVE Brit  Teen Mags, JACKIE

Funny that people are still asking that lol! as this article states. I guess it's one of those neverending questions :)
 Meanwhile Turner Prize Winner Grayson Perry  just gets on with it.

Interview info at Guardian News
I just LOVE his Textile Work and the story behind this tapestry piece.

The Walthamstow Tapestry

Yarnbombed Mannequin starts Obscenity Kerfuffle

anybody that knows Yellow Springs, Ohio knows it has a reputation for being alternative,and very liberal.  So who would have guessed that at the 33rd year of Women's Voices Out Loud at the local Village Building this would happen.


Political Art Relevant to Current Issues

Yarnbombed Mannequin 

Nancy's Painting

Nobody disputes the right for anyone to be offended and saying so :)

Studio Shots and Sun Shadows

Always lovely to know what you do inspires others :) 

Thanks Craft Gossip

It ended up being used for Free Art Friday in Yellow Springs, Ohio

and what inspires me? 

Sun shadows dancing across a room, across a table, across artwork.

 "Feed apace then, greedy eyes,

On the wonder you behold;

Take it sudden as it flies,

Though you take it not to hold.

When your eyes have done

New Tattoo by Brett Baumgart!

Tattoo by Brett Baumgart. Background to follow!

embroidery on metal

I can't remember who was throwing out these metal mesh panels, BUT I rescued them and they've been stuck in the garage for almost a year. Not sure what inspired me to get one out, but I thought it would be fun to try and do a bit stencil embroidery of my old pal George. 

This one is destined for Free Art Friday.

Tattoo Fever!

Well, look at that Spring is upon us! Do you have the itch yet? We sure do! Tattoo Fever is hitting hard! Check out some samplings of work done at the shop recently....

Tattoo by Matt Decker on resident artist Danielle Silva

Tattoo by Matt Decker on resident artist Danielle Silva

Tattoo by Matt Decker

Tattoo by Matt Decker

Tattoo by Matt Decker
Art Work by Brett Baumgart

Tattoo cover-up by Danielle Silva

Art Work by Brett Baumgart

Art Work by Brett Baumgart

Art Work by Brett Baumgart

Tattoo by Danielle Silva

Work in Progress by Danielle Silva

Free Art Friday: Girl onThe Wire and all this Graff

Weather is nice today  

 and someone will be finding a free piece of art in town (Yellow Springs, Ohio). Clue: Look up, look down, who knows where, but she will be posted nearby.
Reminder: Free Art Friday is an art movement where artists leave free art out in public. It  is not an invitation to free use of art images.

Free Art Friday Blog
FAF Community Facebook Page

Master Manipulations in Art

After Vermeer -Girl with Pearl Earring oil on canvas by jafabrit

Like many other artists I have done my studies of master artists, but I never added the camera LOL. 

This is floating around facebook, but unfortunately it is not credited :(  so if anyone knows who did it, please let me know.

Lovely idea called  Master Manipulations by The Escape Artists

Great name for an art group

So sad and wanted to gag

I did this painting a LONG time ago and it was based on a news story of a woman pointing to her face and explaining to the reporter that her boyfriend didn't mean it, he really loved her and bought her roses. Guess who was standing by as she said this, yea, the boyfriend. I just wanted to gag.

At the Women in The World Conference one panel discussed how violence against women is sweeping

Even a Child Could paint that

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LOL, but I've never seen a child pick the paints, prepare the canvas and do an abstract painting  based on a specific event. Twombly said,"My line is childlike but not childish. It is very difficult to fake..." When I first saw Twombly's painting I felt like it was just a bunch of wonderful mad splotches of colour. I thought I'd try and give it a go at copying it and maybe in the

Art Under Attack but taking offence doesn't mean one can

claim special rights, or the right to be rude, to defame, to insult, to censor, or threaten with  charges of sexual harassment.

Some people all too easily feel comfortable claiming sexual harassment because they don't like someone's art( As a REAL victim of abuse I find this to be a travesty but that's another story.

Art on Trial 

Here is what happened when one woman found this painting

Scrapbook Snippets 1971: Fashion, Reggae & Art

Didn't like the dungarees but I liked the models shoes and blouse on the left. You might notice some of the girls in the video  wearing hot pant versions of these dungarees.

Oh yea!  Top of the Pops and  Double Barrel (was #1 on UK singles charts for two weeks in 71) by Dave & Ansil Collins and was my first fave record on the list in 1971.

 Spin Art

spin art on plexiglass by

Crochet : the new, the old, the new

The New

On the domestic front doing a couple of very basic granny square cushion covers. I whipped this out in a couple of hours watching a movie while I waited for the paint to dry on my HUGE scrap piece of wood.


McCalls Needlework & Crafts Winter 1980

The old is new and the new is old.

 What fun, look at these food themed cushion covers from 1980. 

If you are

International Women's Day and Protest

Is today, and here is a link about it. The theme this year is Empower Rural Women-End Hunger and Poverty.  Some are choosing to focus on other themes or participate in a protest such as #govtfreevjj-story here.  

Felt Cervix pattern available here.


Oil Painting, wire, mirror, box

Fun-da-men-tal.ism n. A usually religious movement or point of view characterized by a return


I'd like to think my abstract scribbles would have pleased  Twombly but alas I think not, they are just scribbles. Looking at the ugly comments  below the youtube video about some of his work, there are many who regard his work as just that. Fortunately he ignored his critics and just got on with it. As this obituary article stated:"he seemed to welcome the privacy that came with unpopularity,

"Cry 'Havoc!', and let slip the dogs of war"

Sketchbook with acrylic and ink

That's a line from Shakespeare's Julius Ceasar  Act 3, Scene 1, line 273. The phrase "dogs of war" is considered cliche or so it states on the wiki entry. Cliche or not it seems appropriate considering how many are beating the Iran war drums and ITCHING to unleash those dogs of war,as if we haven't had enough already. Sigh! 

In Military News Retired

craft vs Art: street art stencil in stitch

Betsy Greer has a super blog entry about Grayson Perry Great Art vs Craft Debate .

I was really intrigued with the video where Perry talks about making The Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman show at the British Museum.

I liked this comment "My art is what I make, my craft is the skills I have learned in order to make it well" I found  here. 

Every now and again I will read someone asking if

I have a say too

$2000-all proceeds go to planned parenthood

I am putting two pieces in the women's voices out loud show, a vagina flower called "privatorium mr.sanitorium, and with jafapal nancy's insistence, the embroidery photo "chill daddy'o." Both are a direct response to recent events. I never thought we would have to talk about this, but HERE we are.


It has played three major roles in

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