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I'm chuffed as punch that STI(C)MAN is showing up around our town.  Now if only Banksy would show up and do one of my pub alley panels, woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I pwomise I won't rename myself mrs.hogwash and co-opt your work badly and sell it as a mega show for a million bucks. No wait! Can I sort of promise, ahem!


It's FAF and after life drawing my gal pal (Mizz Cranky Pants) and I are

Soothing Sounds in the Studio

This is what I heard last night

Some people get down when it rains, NOT ME!

I love the feeling of being cocooned in the studio, drinking my cups of tea, and working on my art with the gentle sound of rain in the background.

Of course it aint' so fun having to go out and stand at the busstop, or do errands and you start to feel like a drowned rat. BUT that's another story.


Pierre-Paul Prud'hon-NOT

But how I try!

Somehow I've managed to make my model look like the actor Patrick Stewart.

This is from a 2 1/2 hour pose, conte crayon on toned paper.  I am liking the longer poses much better, and being with other artists, who like me, are there to practice, practice and practice.

If you haven't seen Prud'hon's drawings, oh they are just absolutely amazing!

I am lucky to have the 

Shadow Tree

I just have a thing about shadows and these one's called me, "hey, jafabrit, ain't I pretty! huh! huh! come take a piccy."


Did I mention I HATE framing! I really want to get away from doing embroidery that requires framing and work more on incorporating it into mixed media like "shiny pretty things" or "boom bang".  I did manage to stretch Mr. Gobblehead onto a round stretcher

SunFlowery Morning

I love seeing the sunflowers in the little park (Bill Duncan Park) near our house.  It is one of those crisp lovely mornings in Yellow Springs Ohio that reminds me of home in (England).  I often stop to explore Beth's Yellow Springs ceramic scultpure sign that's at the corner.

Yellow Springs sign by Beth Holyoke

We don't have this in Yellow Springs though.

They call Gordana

Life Drawing: I long for long poses

30 minute pose

 and it just isn't long enough for me, grrrrrrrrrrrr! I can barely get the proportions, lines and early stages of muscle modeling before I can even begin to refine it. I suppose it's good practice to try, but I would really love 2 hours of the same pose.

I like to remind myself of this

Anything Is Possible

Went to see the Banksy Movie Exit Through the Gift

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