Tattoo's of the Day!

Matt Decker's completed Cannon Lady Piece on Lauren!

What is Craft Activism?

"The term craftivism was coined by Betsy Greer in 2003.

Mark brought up some great questions about what is Craft Activism on his radio show Creative Mojo 9-28-2011 podcast.  The first one was how do the artists' in Joan and Gale's book fit it? 

To be honest Nancy and I didn't think about doing knit bombing consciously as an activist statement (here is how it started) and I never really

Creative Mojo Radio Interview

Will be a guest on Mark Lipinski's Radio Show today. Mark is interviewing Joan Tapper and Gale Zucker about their book Craft Activism: People, Ideas, and Projects from the New Community of Handmade and How you Can Join In.


wheeeeeeeee! the jafagirls are honored to be included in the book.

I sometimes forget just how much Nancy and I have done, and then I'm reminded to update

Street Stickers: Bunny at the Tyne

At the Tyne Bridge (Gateshead side) near The Sage (or known by locals as "the slug") and the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art (used to be a working flour mill when I was a kid).  It can be seen in a small part of the film "Get Carter" with Michael Caine. It was filmed when I was still living there, and a cousin of mine played an extra in the Oxford dance hall scene.

and here is a

a taste of todays fare

Check out this classic. With Robs addition of the striped cane.

Video by Matt Dronkers for Premium Tattoo!

Eldon Square and the birds continue to sing.

photo by jafabrit

Eldon Square War Memorial

 Newcastle upon Tyne Sept 2011

Panoramic view used with permission 


I LOVED spending a little time in Eldon Square, brought back so many happy memories. 

Found this 1930'/40's postcard. Click on link here for more info.

 As the site states, the statue "figure represents St.George slaying the

Tattoo Time!

Oakland Pride!

Jules started a new piece today. 

Tattoos of the Day!

Nate's chest text piece was done completely with a shader!

 A brother and sister going off to college get commemorative tattoos 
before leaving the nest!

Tattoo of the day!

Brianna is awesome! She came in with a picture of a painting that hung in her mothers house. Matt turned it into a grey work masterpiece! She also drove all the way from L.A.

Thanks, Brianna!

Tattoos of the Day part 2

New Piece on Sally. Inspired by a necklace she owns.

New Kanji on Scott. 

First Tattoos after the remodel!

Jeff came into the shop with the lyon head and Matt added the rest

The feather is a new piece added to a sleeve in progress

We are Done!

We are done with the front! See YOU all tomorrow!

The Final Push!

We're almost done! Final touches and new furniture in tomorrow. Can't wait to be finished! We hope you all like it! Remember, open again starting Thursday @ 10am!

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