Sketchbook, Yarnbombing and Studio Gossip

The show is up at Mount Ida College Gallery so if you're in the area check it out and let me know what you think.

The flower is one of the actual felt flowers I made, long & short stitch and french knots.

I LOVE french knots.

To see more of my embroidery check here.


The Yum Yum Pole on Dayton Street continues to be one of my faves that we (jafagirls) did.  


Sketcbbook Doodles

I have this silver ink pen that just flows and I wanted to sribble and doodle with it. Sometimes mindless doodling is such fun. I've  also learned that down the road I often come back to a sketchbook page and find parts I can use in a painting or an embroidery.

Craft Gossip has a lovely article about Carolyn Saxby's Textile Art Sketchbook, which I thorougly enjoyed.

All things vintage

Went to the movies in Ann Arbor St.Patricks Day and what a treat to not only see such a GRAND old movie palace, Michigan Theater, but we were also treated to some organ music on the original Barton Theatre organ. Here is a tiny sample.

Takes us about 3 hours to drive to Ann Arbor and  managed to get some crochet/knit done for some new textile graffiti. This is for the central

Yarnbombing Graffiti Alley, Ann Arbor, MI

Placed St.Patricks Day 2010

The first thing we did when we arrived was go to our fave alley(graffiti alley) and put up some jafagirl art. You can hardly see it from a distance which really like.

I was really suprised to see last years yarnbombing still up, although the doll had been ripped off.

Placed St.Patricks Day 2009

Framing Issues for War Embroidery

I finished this embroidery but just have't figured out how to mount it. I have dreamed ideas and thought about ideas up to the eyeballs. The tantalizing part is I know what I want but can't quite figure it out technically.

I know I want it stapled to something.


Visited the Society for Contemporary Craft in Pittsburg over the weekend and saw the beautiful work of Kurt Wieser.

Public Art Box

Inner Monster

Nancy and I put in a new piece (made by Nancy) for the art box on corry street. I kind of get a kick out of this but it's amazing how many people in town have never noticed it, kind of like the nose above the sweetie shop. They quietly exist and become a suprise when people actually notice them.


Craftivism: Textile Graffiti


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