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I take a pic, post it here, it looks like a robot stuck in a tree, google robot and come up with Roila.

Learn something new everyday.

Sketchbook: Heading into 2011

As I head into the new year I'm reading one of my Xmas pressies:  The Subversive Stitch by Rozsika Parker

A review by Ingrid Mida

Snow Pics

I seem to be seeing things in the snow this winter

Snow Gun

Best Of

Best Art Blogs
I know it's a long list, but it's lovely I'm included at Art Sediments, thank you.

Best Art Blogging Info

Katherine Tyrrell has some great observations in her blog entry: Reviewing art in 2010 and art blogging. An excellent read I highly recommend.

Best Christmas Decorating 1963

 I like the candle holders AND the fireplace, not sure about the paper roses though.

Ugly Christmas Cookies


they were yummy, and just in case you're wondering, that is supposed to be a fragment of a greek statue, ahem!

Okay, so I didn't really stick to the theme of the life drawing groups cookie bake off.


Dam, I can't even find any uglier on google.


Well, time to stop faffing and indulging in flibbertigibberty, I have STUFF to do.

Toodle Oooo!

Censorship at the Smithsonian

Whether it is good or bad art, or whether I like it or not, is really beside the point. The point is whether we should accept work being censored. 

"Late in November the Smithsonian’s head, G. Wayne Clough", bowed to pressure  from a fringe group and  "ordered the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC to ‘remove’ a video by David Wojnarowicz from a museum show called Hide/Seek. "


Snow and MORE Snow

More info

It's a winter wonderland here in Ohio and we are stuck indoors.

Reading: Black Like Me by John Howard Griffin

Movie: Brick Lane , and it was  as fabulous as the book. Here is a great review.

Sketchbook: just doodling.

Studio: Time to buzz and sketch out a new embroidery piece, and cut wood and prepare for a new painting.

Keep safe! Keep warm!

Henna Hand Embroidery

more info

Yea! finally finished by henna/mehndi style hand embroidery on tea stained linen. I'm really happy with how the design worked out. Sometimes even when I think doodles (or as some call zentangles)in my sketchbook aren't working there is something to be gained from them.

edited to add

I forgot to mention there is one similar for sale at IN A FRAME in town

Birdies One way or Another

Old Garage Yellow Springs, Ohio

"Hold fast to your dreams, for without them life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly"

Langston Hughes

and this spuggy

Embroidered Bird

is flying on the wings of dreams.

Now if I could just put them all into some artwork :) Okay, I am still doing the henna embroidery hand so I am tied up.


© by Corrine Bayraktaroglu. All

Winter Dreams

more info

"Winter Dreams"
Ritsu Katsumata

The color of springtime is in the flowers, the color of winter is in the imagination.
~Terri Guillemets

Hope this is true because this doll is watching the snowflakes.

jafabrit wish doll

Not quite mehndi embroidery

I say not quite because I'm not using traditional mehndi patterns. More of a mix of zentangle doodling, some mehndi elements, and including good luck motifs :) such as the nazar boncuk in the palm on this one.

© by Corrine Bayraktaroglu. All Rights Reserved

dmc floss on tea stained linen

 I had two in my "stitch gasp" exhibit and one sold before it got on the wall and the other the

well I gotta do SOMETHING

In a bit of a creative flux and with the holidays it's hard to get into any serious work, BUT I just NEEDED to play and paint. There are all these theories about art and when I looked over the list here I thought the closest I came was self expression. However the possibility that someone just enjoys the process for itself often seems overlooked. There's this  meditative quality that comes from


more info

  I got it into my head I wanted white lace curtains to match the white tree, and white faux fur cushions.  Well, err the local cheapo shops don't sell cheapo lace curtains anymore (too old fashioned I guess), and I couldn't find faux fur cushions anywhere except on uk sites that cost an arm and a leg. Amazon to the rescue and I ordered a yard of faux fur, wheeeeeeeeeeeeee! I

Not sure and really sure

Not sure I'm liking this embroidery so far. Nearly finished, BUT, hum!!!!! I enjoyed the process, like the stitches, love the colours and shapes, but to be honest as a whole it isn't doing much for me.  Something is missing, maybe I need to balance out the pink circle on the right, or add some text, OR maybe it is just boring.  The piece of wood at the top is a door knocker that it's

The Loo Lost it's View

Chamberpot Gallery Closes

After 4 wonderful years the jafagirls, Nancy and moi,  have officially closed the ChamberPot Gallery in the local Chamber of Commerce Restrooms in Yellow Springs as of November 15th 2010. We would like to thank all the people involved in making this project happen, the participating artists, the visitors who took joy in it, and the visitors who bought some of the work.

through a lens

reading art by corrine bayraktaroglu originally
posted on Jafabrit's Art. 

you for dropping by.

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I'm not a photographer per se, more of a cataloger, and sometimes I luck out and manage to capture  what I think is a really good image. This is one of my favourites.

 Somehow all the elements came together. A beautiful blue sky, glitttering icicles hanging

The Sun Shineth Upon Us

more info

I love how the shadow of the branch looks like a bird. I would like to think it a crow but it looks more like a jabiru, which seems fitting since their plumage is pure white.

We were supposed to have snow but instead it was hot. I actually got a bit sunburn on my neck as my Jafapal, Nancy, and I started our newest craft/yarnbombing graffiti in town.

Photograph included in


more info

Street Art Inspired Embroidery

long & short stitch on grey linen

It's coming along slowly.


Talking About Street Art

This Banksy Inspired Halloween Costume is BRILLIANT 

Retro Corner

Went thrifting and couldn't resist this 50's ornament made made in japan.

Guardian Month in Photography
monthly guide to the 20 best photographic exhibitions and books

There are

Glen Forest Cemetery: Old Headstone

more info

Glen Forest Cemetery

Yellow Springs, Ohio

View Larger Map

Gravestone Symbols

It's hard to make out since it is so worn but the  may be a passion flower (christ's passion), maybe a couple of apples (salvation) or poppies (eternal sleep), and the hand representing pathway to heaven.
I don't see a born date or age, only months, so I am guessing this was a stillborn child.

Luna at The Underbelly Project

more info

Street Art Way Below the Street in an abandoned subway station.

Another one of my FAVE photographers on Flickr is Luna Park who was lucky enough to go and see the Underbelly Project. She took some smashing photographs and wrote a great blog entry about it on her The Street Spot site.

All this of course makes my little rabbit sticker seem rather pathetic, BUT hey we don't have

Sketchbook: sgraffito and quotes

more info

I was experimenting a little with sgraffito in preparation for a painting, plus I just enjoyed doing it.

oil on canvas

 It's painted over a copy of a rothko I'd done and I thought the portrait of my pal George would look cool with the colours peeking through.

I'm not really into the artsy fartsy gobbledegook art speak but I was struck by Ernst Gombrich's quote on page 78

War Art and the Best of British

Seeing a painting printed or online is NEVER going to have the same impact that seeing it in the real does and this painting by John Singer Sargent was very powerful. 

It was included in the Guardian's list The 10 best British artworks about war: Broadcaster Jon Snow picks his favourite artistic interpretations of war.

Kind of makes my work seem rather trivial, but they're mine and they

Bunny Art

Since my right hand is out of commission this week I decided to draw with my left hand.


I helped jafapal nancy yarnbomb some rocks in town. I could manage to sew with my left hand since the stitching didn't have to  be fancy.


source: Guardian UK photographer ROA

This LOVELY rabbit is under threat by a local council that deems it a blight to the sight.

Pain might turn me into a Witch

more info

Yellow Springs Halloween decorations

I'm out of commission this week, no art, no sewing and I think before the week is over I may go bonkers. I know this because it's only been a few hours and I'm going starkers.

for and aft a'll be gannin daft 


Long & Short Stitch is one of my favourite stitches, but I'm finding I need to be careful doing it. It seems to aggravate my tennis elbow/carpal tunnel (so flipping annoying) and I will have to take a break from it after I've finished this piece for the jafagirl flower power show at the Emporium.

Charity Shop Finds

Crochet Spread

I couldn't make this for the price I got it, 99

Art Box: Pickles went Hunting

October Art Box on Corry Street,

 Yellow Springs, Ohio

 by the Jafagirls

View Jafagirls Art Yellow Springs, Ohio in a larger map

We removed the flower which got planted  very quickly nearby.

Gum Wall: Graffiti Alley Ann Arbor Michigan

March 18th 2010 photo by jafabrit

Someone asked why I didn't throw a pic of the gumwall into my video slide show on youtube. I guess I forgot since the focus was on jafagirl contributions to the alley, but why I forgot this one I don't know because I LOVED this photo.

There are a couple of side shots though.


canvas, faux leather, lace, reverse painted plastic

I did a bunch of these about 5 years ago for a show and they didn't really garner much interest. I can see why. They're decorative but don't really showcase any skill. They did however serve a much larger purpose because I began exploring integrating media. So you could say this was the precursor that culminated in my current exhibit. 

My Dreams are Telling Me Something

But First

Just want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who came to my reception. It was a great comfort to see familiar faces and a joy to see some new one's.  As I said I'm usually nervous before a reception but once I got there I just didn't have time because I was yakking so much lol! Almost lost my voice. A special thanks to those who bought my work ♥

It was lovely to meet again 

reception tonight EEEEK!

My very first sewing at the age of 5 or 6 in Hetton-le-Hole. It's a needle case that my mum kept and used until now (thanks for sending ma).

I say eek because I'm nervous about doing receptions'.  

Street Art Embroidery

I saw this painted wall in Ann Arbor and just LOVED it. It's called  "the garden" by ellen and leah rulf. Unfortunately I can't seem to find any information or links to share :(

Could make a gorgeous embroidery. 

Interview with Dave the Chimp on Positive Graffiti.  "For me, the important thing is the experience of making something. What happens to it after it’s made I’m not too

Sketchbook: Me Bloody Ow

If any of you read Juxtapoz Magazine then you probably recognize the collaged pieces in my sketchbook.  Yesterday I played in my sketchbook a bit and  then started a new embroidery based on some street art I saw in Ann Arbor.

Talking about Ann Arbor, look what happened to my camo knit graff doll after just a week or two. She got all discombobulated and her face turned white with fright.

Press Release: Stitched Art Exhibit in Ohio

Spuggy Tweets

Stitch Gasp! Exhibit


 "would you, could you" IN A FRAME.

Opening reception at 113 Corry Street, Yellow Springs, Ohio

October 15th at 6pm until 9pm. Call 767-2962 for more info.

Painting on Exterior Plywood

It seems like it takes forever for me to get around to starting a painting, but then I get the prep work done and BAM! I'm off like a mad woman. I am LOVING the process. 

 Work in Progress
acrylic on plywood

The wood has been covered with primer/sealer front/back/sides.

When graffiti artists grow up-an interview with Chaz Bojórquez

A room of one's own

It makes a HUGE difference. I remember doing art in the dining room and yes I could manage it, BUT having a room to store supplies, hang works in progress and sit and work on projects changes the dynamics.

Routine informs the mind and having a routine in the studio is very helpful in kickstarting creative ideas and play.  One of my art teachers said he used to just spend 30 minutes sweeping

Guerilla Arts and Stuff

I'm chuffed as punch that STI(C)MAN is showing up around our town.  Now if only Banksy would show up and do one of my pub alley panels, woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I pwomise I won't rename myself mrs.hogwash and co-opt your work badly and sell it as a mega show for a million bucks. No wait! Can I sort of promise, ahem!


It's FAF and after life drawing my gal pal (Mizz Cranky Pants) and I are

Soothing Sounds in the Studio

This is what I heard last night

Some people get down when it rains, NOT ME!

I love the feeling of being cocooned in the studio, drinking my cups of tea, and working on my art with the gentle sound of rain in the background.

Of course it aint' so fun having to go out and stand at the busstop, or do errands and you start to feel like a drowned rat. BUT that's another story.


Pierre-Paul Prud'hon-NOT

But how I try!

Somehow I've managed to make my model look like the actor Patrick Stewart.

This is from a 2 1/2 hour pose, conte crayon on toned paper.  I am liking the longer poses much better, and being with other artists, who like me, are there to practice, practice and practice.

If you haven't seen Prud'hon's drawings, oh they are just absolutely amazing!

I am lucky to have the 

Shadow Tree

I just have a thing about shadows and these one's called me, "hey, jafabrit, ain't I pretty! huh! huh! come take a piccy."


Did I mention I HATE framing! I really want to get away from doing embroidery that requires framing and work more on incorporating it into mixed media like "shiny pretty things" or "boom bang".  I did manage to stretch Mr. Gobblehead onto a round stretcher

SunFlowery Morning

I love seeing the sunflowers in the little park (Bill Duncan Park) near our house.  It is one of those crisp lovely mornings in Yellow Springs Ohio that reminds me of home in (England).  I often stop to explore Beth's Yellow Springs ceramic scultpure sign that's at the corner.

Yellow Springs sign by Beth Holyoke

We don't have this in Yellow Springs though.

They call Gordana

Life Drawing: I long for long poses

30 minute pose

 and it just isn't long enough for me, grrrrrrrrrrrr! I can barely get the proportions, lines and early stages of muscle modeling before I can even begin to refine it. I suppose it's good practice to try, but I would really love 2 hours of the same pose.

I like to remind myself of this

Anything Is Possible

Went to see the Banksy Movie Exit Through the Gift

Glorious Colours in Nature

 long & short stitch on cotton, acrylic paint and wire, beads

YEA! Finished.

Now all I need to do is attach it. Of course this in no way matches the glorious iridescent colours in nature, but I had fun trying.

Found some peacock feathers at a local garage sale and scanned a couple.


If you wish to use this image commercially or for personal reasons please

Art and Food

Hiay, thanks for dropping in jafabrit's art

 Hhope you enjoy your visit.

I thought I would try  a cutout version of my skull and moth photograph and then enhance the colours. When I have time (too many other projects to work on at the moment)  I want to do a LARGE painting of this.


Bombay Chicken Curry

This is one of many of my favourite curry recipes. Can't

It's the Cat's Meow

Dear Visitor
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wild cat skull and moth

 I lucked out when a member of my Textile Art Group was kind enough to bring me oodles of bones and skulls.

Photography: Yellows

Corry Street, Yellow Springs, Ohio

 Normally when we,(jafgirls) do textile/knit graffiti we try to coordinate with the surroundings, but in this case the surroundings coordinated with the pole LOL! The buildings were painted after we put up the pole and then these bright orange/yellow flowers blossomed.  It was an overcast morning and the colours were so intense the scene stopped in my

Meditative Art

Sample Testing Piece by the Jafagirls

Saturday morning I helped jafapal Nancy M. run a Paint Like Pollock Workshop for Getaways for Women.

I think I could have stood there another two hours, it was mesmerizing watching the paint drizzle onto the canvas.

It got kind of wild, uh huh! splashing and dripping, and some of us (not me) had paint up to the eyeballs. Amazing to see how

Fun Discoveries


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How Cool

I was delighted to discover of my fave sites WebUrbanist has included by hubcap (made for the Landfill Project) in it's Driven to

Some paintings take forever BUT

it's worth it

"It is nought good a slepyng hound to wake "

oil on wood and resin

Available at "IN A FRAME"

It's taken several months to finally finish this little still life painting. You can see how it started out here. Doing the sketchbook didn't take too long, and the dog wasn't too bad, but getting the sense of carved wood was a joyful challenge. Had to make sure the paint was

The Art of Meandering and Shiny Pretty Things

It's true, I meander something rotten. I love exploring the world around me, even the seemingly mundane. Often there is a hidden beauty in things, or they spark some creative imaginings. Check out how a painted circle on a road led Alisa Burke to create this.  I have to think all my meandering will end up in my art somehow.

I am so happy my painting "dig freedom" found a home. Yes! looks

The Art of Hurt

I had to share this video by Thierry Alexandre because as creepy as it is, it really captures the essence of horror of a situation that so many fear or face.

Sometimes art like this is so ugly, but the ability to manifest the raw essense of something into an art piece is something I admire and strive for. Kiki Smith's work does this too, sometimes it makes one cringe but it speaks

Friday Finds: Old Victorian Birdcage and FAF

Again I have to thank Jafapal Karen for pointing this out at the charity shop.  It's listed as a victorian cage on the Cages Through The Ages. Whether it's an antique or not is hard to tell or how much it's worth, but I  am LOVING this find.

Free Art Fridays

A different kind of find

Heart painting on wood by jafagirls

mmm, not sure why but my camera did something wierd and

Retro Wednesday: pyrex and aprons

Went thrifting with  jafapal Karen after we had a smack bang curry lunch (told you I LOVE curry).  She knows I keep my eyes out for pyrex and saw this one "garden medley" on the shelf. What a find and in the original box too. According to Pyrex Love this particular one is fairly uncommon.

Can you guess what will be going into this baby, yep curry LOL!

but I won't be wearing this

Guerilla Art Bunny

Put the bunny up today in pub alley in Yellow Springs with jafapal Nancy.

bunny based on the Newcastle Vampire Rabbit

This is the kick off for the jafagirl Pub Alley Project.

Evil Bunny but

acrylic, nail polish on mdf

Not really!

It's based on an ornamental rabbit above the back door of the Cathedral Buildings on Dean Street in Newcastle Upon Tyne. The doorway faces the back of St.Nicholas Cathedral and Amen Corner.
Nobody actually knows the origin but there is a theory, Vampire Rabbit Theory.

Designed by Oliver & Leeson circa 1901

It's gone through some colour

Transfixed by the Masters

I remember it vividly, that moment when for the first time I was truly transfixed by a painting.

Rain, Steam and Speed by J.M.W.Turner

I was fascinated by the light on the train and how the brush strokes and seemingly ambigous scene there was so much to see.

It's not the first painting I remember, but it is the first to really grab me.

What about you?

Copying the Masters

photographers beware

reading art by corrine bayraktaroglu originally
posted on Jafabrit's Art. 

you for dropping by.

No, NOT of Phineas, my studio dog,

but what happens when you photograph


Image source: Anthony Graber's Video Still

I found this disturbing story on norwegiantie's blog

 The young man, a staff sergeant in the Maryland Air National Guard, who videotaped am

Evil Eye Zentangle

Nazar Bonjuk also known as Evil Eye

Thought I would play a little more with doodling (or as some call zentangles) and wanted to create a design for a project the jafagirls are working on.

An excellent resource for those doing zentangles is a book called The Grammar of Ornament by Owen Jones The Classic Encyclopedia of Design and Decorative Art.

Doodling History

For those

Sketchbook: Zentangles

doodles by jafabrit
I had a friend who asked me, "oh, have you tried zentangle, it's so cool", like it was some new craft or artform. So I checked it out and had to laugh. Just a fancy term for something most of my friends and I did back in school many many many moons ago (60's and 70's). I thought I would sit and do a few and WHAM! before I knew it four hours had passed. I think to

Liar!Liar! Pants on Fire and Senile Delinquents

Graffiti Embroidery

Part of mr.gobblehead

long & short stitch, couching

5 colours

Liar, liar, pants on fire, stick your head inside a tire, turn it round and round and round, wait until you hit the ground.


Liar, liar, pants on fire, hang you with a telephone wire.


Liar, Liar, pants on fire! Wash em' out in bubble gum and put them in the dryer

Embroidery Flickr Set


In the Garden of Delights

Found things in Garage Sales

Not sure if this is vintage , seems like a character doll from a children's book, but I LOVE his shoes. These lace up shoes(espadrilles) were very popular in the 70's.


Bata Shoe Museum (check out the heels on these shoes-phew!)

Was given things from Garage Sales

Jafapal Karen found this Pure linen 50"x 70" crosstitch printed

Cirque Carnival in Yellow Springs

Cirque Carnival in Yellow Springs was fantastic! Watching people parade in their finery, parade their pets, the music, fire eaters, jugglers, firedancers, bellydancers, performers. It was MAGICAL! Major kudos to the Dayton Street Alliance team, specifically Corner Cone and Brother Bears, for pulling this event off.

Mr. and Mrs Brother Bear

You were ROCKIN'


so was jafalass

upcycled vinyl


Will be selling a bunch of these spin paintings at the Cirque Carnival tonight. I love exploring all the  yummy colours after I've done them on my homemade spin art machine.

Upcycling vs Recycling

I hadn't really thought there was much of a difference between Upcycling and Recycling, but apparently there is.

Socializing at Life Drawing?

We had someone storm out of the life drawing this week. She was upset because she felt she can't talk when she wants and she came to have fun and socialize, not have people get on her case about life drawing etiquette.  That there is the problem. Life Drawing is NOT FOR socializing. So for the novice's who are considering going to life drawing please do check out the link below. It could save

Slow Art/Craft Movement

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Most are being removed or partially obscured.

I've read several articles and manifestos and often they seem filled with do's and don'ts and

Not Another One & Are You Man Enough to Knit

sorry I just can't help it

I figured out how many seconds it takes to capture the firework before it completely explodes and never quite know what to expect.

This is one of few photos that worked out and is my fave from July 4th in Yellow Springs.

Are you Man Enough to Knit
Had to share this from Fibre Alive.

Check out the famous Maori dance, Haka (Ka Mate) by the "All Blacks" Rugby

Felt Eggs ain't New

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Most are being removed or partially obscured.

Retro Craft Corner

Needlework & Crafts Magazine Spring-Summer 1970

Ah hah, so they

Woman to be Stoned to Death


private collection

oil on wood, wire, mirror

Mother of Two faces being stoned to death.

Her children appeal for help to save their mother: Save Sakineh.

Amnesty International

Human Rights Watch

Muslims against Stoning

International Committee Against Stoning

Iran Human Rights Organization

Ugly Flower Found a Home

Art Box

I was ready to just plonk my ugly flower in town somewhere but jafapal Nancy insisted it go in the Art Box. Three people walked by as we were putting it in and said, "that is one ugly flower" LOL!


Located on Corry Street

Yellow Springs, Ohio

View Art Box in a larger map

Vintage Corner

I couldn't resist this vintage pyrex carafe in the local Village Herb

Painted Utility Poles

Downtown Rincon, Puerto Rico

From a distance I thought the pole might have knit graffiti on it, but it was one of MANY poles in the area that was painted exactly the same way. I was told it was to help drivers, and I can tell you it certainly did on the small roads with no lighting and lots of foilage. I also just liked seeing these colourful poles.  Love the mini mural too.

Puttering around on a Happy Independence Day

Photo by Jafabrit 2009

and so far mine has been spent spent working on art (as usual),  reading mags and preparing food for tonight. One of my fave mags  Juxtapoz magazine has a great interview  with the godfather of street art Richard Hambleton.  I liked his comment in that "creating a movement called "street art" is more complex than being an academic" and that he would "prefer to be

stencil graffiti

© 2012 by Corrine Bayraktaroglu. All Rights Reserved

I thought I would just whip up a stencil in an hour. Yea, right. Three hours later I was still working out the kinks. So here it is, an original stencil by Jafabrit.

Test One in Keiths Alley

and I realized that I had to refine it a bit more, as well as make it larger.


About Stencil Graffiti



Dear Visitor

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 Unfortunately due to the continued infringement, mining and exploitation of my images by individuals, spammers and companies I no longer have the incentive to show images on my blog.

Most are being removed or partially obscured.

I loves em'

Seeing them, like this one at Notre Dame University, Indiana


Cedar Grove Cemetery

Cedar Grove Cemetery at Notre Dame University

I grew up used to taking strolls  or walking through old cemetery's in England, my favourite being at Heworth church at  St.Mary's with Haddon's Tomb. So when I went to visit Notre Dame I just had to take a walk around the old cemetery. Not sure how to explain why I enjoy walking around old cemeteries, the best I can say is that I enjoy

Scanned Flowers, Gobble Head and Knit Graff Ad

I've been having fun scanning flowers and I'm LOVING the effect.

Scanning Flowers seems to be quite popular

Judy Stalus has a lovely set on flickr

Katinka Matson's are reminicent of Dutch Flower Painting during the late 1600's.

How to Scan Flowers


Been sewing flowers

"gobble head"

Satin Stitch, Cretan Stitch (video tutorial), long & short

This will be incorporated

Nana Knit at the Snite

The Snite Art Museum at Notre Dame University in Indiana has to be one of the best art collections I've seen in a University so far in the United States.  And what made it even MORE special was coming across a small painting my Paula Modersohn-Becker. Unfortunately the Snite is rather stingy when it comes to sharing images of their collection and I can't find this particular painting anywhere

Flowers in a Sketchbook

Mixture of collage and ink

 I love playing in my sketchbook


with photoshop

Bird Murals put Village in a FLAP

Seahouses is a beautiful village (I WON a pen at bingo there-made my day, and the best fish and chips on the planet, whee)

and yes there is such as thing as the British Toilet Association

I think they look very nice myself, a vast improvement over a plain

Art is NOT a thing

Art is not a thing; it is a way

Elbert Hubbard

 Crafty Chica's Advice 

on nurturing and living your creativity

Bronwyn shares seven tips

 on living an artful life.

Jibber Jabber 

I haven't (for a couple of weeks) and won't be able to work on my art for another week or so and I feel the creep of rumbling agitation starting to gnaw at my bones like a dog with it's favourite

Touchdown Jesus Struck by Lightening

Photo by jafabrit

This is one of my fave views from the freeway driving back home. It is 62 feet tall and is in front of Monroe's Solid Rock Church. So this is kind of sad, but yes seriously it was struck by lightening and burned to the ground.

Roadside America has a nice article about the statue here.

This is all that's left

source:  staff photo by Nick Graham

ArtThreat♥ Studio Work♥Police Action

Not sure why it took me so long to find this site Art Threat considering the nature of much of my work.

"Art Threat is a leading media outlet devoted solely to political art and cultural policy. We write about art that seeks to interpret, influence, or reflect upon society. We discuss policy as it pertains to culture. And we showcase artists whose work inspires social change. Whether your

What an inspiration: Louise Bourgeois

I will skip doing a blog entry about her as Eyeteeth: A journal of incisive ideas wrote a lovely one. At 98 Louise Bourgeois was finishing up some pieces when she had a heart attack. What an amazing career she had.

Her final exhibit is titled "fabric drawings" and is in Venice.You can see some samples of her work and the artist here.


"lead belly"

Paint and hand embroidery

Slow Art

So much is going on my embroidery and painting are going very slow.

I got some of the corner done. Sometimes being forced to take things slow is a good thing.

Talking about Slow
Have you heard of the Slow Art Movement?
I think sometimes we get caught up with the idea that if we take our time we will come in last. One is reminded of the fable The Tortiose and the Hare.
So I will


If you're into street art check out this "new community website dedicated to Graffiti Art, Urban Art, Street Photography Art and all other forms of Urban Artwork. They provide graffiti, street and urban artistic talents a global platform to sell their artworks online and get them the exposure & recognition they deserve."

Bananike by Lora Zombie

I liked this artist's work from their site.

It is nought good a slepyng hound to wake

Well, it's not a hound but a hairless chihuahua ornament I picked up from a flea market, but the title works.Something about the juxtaposition of the sleeping dog and the skull drawing in my sketchbook on the coffee table struck me and inspired  a painting on Gesso Board. As you can see I'm starting  with a Grisaille to get all the tones before I start glazing with colour.  
Talking about

Photography and Drawing

A view of Williams Eatery on the corner of Corry and Dayton Street in Yellow Springs, Oh.

On the other side of the street to the left of Williams is the Arts Council space where I attend life drawing once a week.

40 minute pose

I find backs fascinating to draw because you really have to capture a sense of the spine and muscles.I became obsessed with the lower right but arg! I

Yarnbombing and Textile Arts

Did an embroidery of the Yellow Springs Chamber of Commerce website address for a yarnbombing project we (Jafagirls) are working on.  It's a mixture of knitting, crochet, felt, canvas etc.

 Ongoing Street Art Project Around Town

I added Karyn's Blue flower to the Jafagirls Peace pole on Dayton Street next to Williams Eatery. The Side street looks so pretty with the yarnbombed

Sunday Thoughts

Everytime I walk past this tree (Ponderosa Pine) I'm fascinated by the beautiful bark. 

This is the joy of being a bit of a flaneur and experiencing things that one often misses when driving from a to b.

On one of my little walks on Saturday I found the coolest hand sign at a garage sale. It was sitting on the table in the driveway and I told my dh, "oh, I just HAVE to get that."


Retro Goodies and Artful Mischief on a Budget

I noticed my blog is listed on Oola Moola, and I think I know why :)

"We think everybody deserve the nicer things in life without paying an arm and a leg. So we got together to show you how to think creatively about how to live the good life for less moolah – without sacrificing quality and style!


I couldn't resist these Pyrex 1960s-70s! cups from TranzentalArts on Etsy

Wee Beastie Finished


print transfer on cotton, acrylic paint, embroidery floss

long and short stitches, satin stitch, weaving stitch, couching

 Save a minor detail, which is to add gems in the crown, but I haven't found what I wanted to use yet.  I will know it when I see it.

So here is the original sketchbook collage.

glossary of stitches

Resin on Wood

Monday Morning


and I'm working on covering spin art painting with epoxy resin (how to here) with a wee bit glitter in the mix. Did I tell you I LOVE glitter. And working on flowers and leaves for a new textile graffiti pole.


working on getting the guest room ready


if I don't buzz orf I won't get anything else done on my long Monday morning list.

Bits & Bobs

Odds and Sods

 which is basically how my week has been. I got a bit of this done and a bit of that but nothing really to show for it.

 Worked a bit on the pieces for

 Elaine's Bench.

Wored a bit on the pieces for the  Mellow Yellow Pole, similar to the Yum Yum Pole in the middle.


Hung out at Brother Bears for Sew-In.

There's JafaLad (Pierre) sitting on

Sketchbook: I hate clowns

They're so Creepy

which begs the question why draw one in my sketchbook lol! Have NO idea! I just doodle whatever comes to mind. The art muse is in charge and I'm at it's mercy. I painted the page with acrylic and then sprayed over a bit of a stencil.  Then stitched in a piece of embroidered linen showing an example cretan stitch.

 I had fun with this

Evil Clown Face Generator

Bad Dog Street Sticker

 This is based on a sketch I did of my ceramic studio dog, Phineas Fallis. I then uploaded into Adobe and used the cutout tool.

Oh Dear I can't help myself LOL!

It's just I am LOVING all the bursts of colour.  I love playing with paint



love the ideas spinning in my head


I know, NOT another spin art painting, but I just LOVE this one. I'm keeping this one for myself.

I just love the blend of colours and the way they span out, with some paint forming dots and crackles.

Can you tell I'm mad about colour lately?

Upcoming Exhibits

Yea! The Flower Power Gang will be brightening up the bla winter months with a show at the Emporium Underdog Cafe Jan 2011.

Damien Hirst: the art of spin

From Jafabrit's Studio

"white blossom"

collection of claire b.

Damien Hirst certainly knows how to do that.

I really like the huge skull spin paintings you see in the video.

Spin Art Painting


recycled 12" vinyl records

Pretty simple to do but they sure have a dynamic look when in a set. Nice way to recycle damaged old records, yes? Most of the spin art machines I checked out online switch on and off (and boy are they expensive, well not the toy models), no variable speeds. Mine is larger than the average machine and has variable speeds which gives me a little more control

Head Spinning in the Local Loo

and it happened. I wanted to do something, besides using it that is LOL! I asked the owner of the cafe, "I have an idea,want to hear?". So we have a natter in the netty.

My pathetic attempt to implement my idea led to dear husband making me this spin art machine with spare scraps and the drill.

 which then led to this

and when I have about 8 done, they will hang in said

Storytellers and the Travelling Knit Knot StoryBox

made with recyled knitting from the knit knot tree

It's a bad recording unfortunately but I had to share the storybox project video about our knit knot box return.

Jonatha and Harold Wright are wonderful storytellers and I had another opportunity to enjoy their storytelling at a local Shakespeare Club Guest Day in Yellow Springs, Ohio. They very kindly offered to perform and I

Sewing with the Ants & Inspiration

Some embroider quietly, some with music but I often like listening to bbc radio documentaries/plays or watching a movie. On  my birthday spent late afternoon sewing to a cheesy horror movie. What a groaner!

I also covered a larger ball with red yarn for the  yarnbomed/craftbombed tree (inspired by one Bejing Arts Distric in China) in Kings Yard in Yellow Springs.

"Queen of Hearts

Sketchbook: Sheer Embroidery

Sketchbook Page

I wanted to experiment with embroidery on sheer fabric and since it was FOR my sketchbook I didn't really follow the tips for embroidering on sheer fabric

I used mostly long and short stitch and the challenge was to make the back as neat as the front, so NO KNOTS.

I glued an image from Art Forum Ad on the other page underneath.

Jafabrit's Art Collection

Sketchbook Study: Skull Pencil Drawing

A friend gave me this skull a couple of days ago and I just had to draw it. It reminded me how out of practice I am though (despite going to life drawing almost weekly). 

 It's coming along, just have to add a bottom panel and a couple more felt flowers and that's the flower power pole done. I just adore the chameleon Moira made at the last couple of sew in's at Brother Bears

Lower Back Japanese Tattoo Ideas With Cherry Blossom Tattoo Designs With Picture Japanese Lower Back Cherry Blossom Tattoos For Women Tattoo Gallery

Lower Back Japanese Tattoo Ideas With Cherry Blossom Tattoo Designs With Picture Japanese Lower Back Cherry Blossom Tattoos For Women Tattoo Gallery 1
Lower Back Japanese Tattoo Ideas With Cherry Blossom Tattoo Designs With Picture Japanese Lower Back Cherry Blossom Tattoos For Women Tattoo Gallery

Lower Back Japanese Tattoo Ideas With Cherry Blossom Tattoo Designs With Picture Japanese Lower Back Cherry Blossom Tattoos For Women Tattoo Gallery 2Lower Back Japanese Tattoo Ideas With Cherry Blossom Tattoo Designs With Picture Japanese Lower Back Cherry Blossom Tattoos For Women Tattoo Gallery 3Lower Back Japanese Tattoo Ideas With Cherry Blossom Tattoo Designs With Picture Japanese Lower Back Cherry Blossom Tattoos For Women Tattoo Gallery 4
Lower Back Japanese Tattoo Ideas With Cherry Blossom Tattoo Designs With Picture Japanese Lower Back Cherry Blossom Tattoos For Women Tattoo Gallery

Lower Back Japanese Tattoo Ideas With Cherry Blossom Tattoo Designs With Picture Japanese Lower Back Cherry Blossom Tattoos For Women Tattoo Gallery 5Lower Back Japanese Tattoo Ideas With Cherry Blossom Tattoo Designs With Picture Japanese Lower Back Cherry Blossom Tattoos For Women Tattoo Gallery 6Lower Back Japanese Tattoo Ideas With Cherry Blossom Tattoo Designs With Picture Japanese Lower Back Cherry Blossom Tattoos For Women Tattoo Gallery 7
Lower Back Japanese Tattoo Ideas With Cherry Blossom Tattoo Designs With Picture Japanese Lower Back Cherry Blossom Tattoos For Women Tattoo Gallery

Fate of the Dolls

Due to the amount of spam websites, splogs stealing images, and social platforms that facilitate copyright infringement this blog is no longer active.

2009 Graffiti Alley Ann Arbor

It's funny I never liked dolls too much as a kid, but NOW, I seem to play with them a lot LOL! My favourite thing is to paint them and incorporate them into knit graffiti.

World Graffiti

what is old is new and what is new is old

translation of a sketchbook page into embroidery

acrylic paint, photo transfer, embroidery

Embroidery is going slow due to increased work on jafagirl projects, but it's getting there.

Lucina Hudson

American Folk Art Museum
Watercolor and silk thread on silk with metallic thread and spangles

It's always interesting to look back and realize that what we are doing is not always that

Fiber Arts

'seed of torments"

embroidery on muslin

Pretty much done on this one. Needs a wee bit more stretching, the bone added and that's it before framing. It's funny how the filled in boxes on the right of the skeleton look like another human form (not intentional). I really like the loose drawing effect for the cross.

Traded Karen aka Jafalass for the FAB quilt she made. She chose the

Sketchbook, Yarnbombing and Studio Gossip

The show is up at Mount Ida College Gallery so if you're in the area check it out and let me know what you think.

The flower is one of the actual felt flowers I made, long & short stitch and french knots.

I LOVE french knots.

To see more of my embroidery check here.


The Yum Yum Pole on Dayton Street continues to be one of my faves that we (jafagirls) did.  


Sketcbbook Doodles

I have this silver ink pen that just flows and I wanted to sribble and doodle with it. Sometimes mindless doodling is such fun. I've  also learned that down the road I often come back to a sketchbook page and find parts I can use in a painting or an embroidery.

Craft Gossip has a lovely article about Carolyn Saxby's Textile Art Sketchbook, which I thorougly enjoyed.

All things vintage

Went to the movies in Ann Arbor St.Patricks Day and what a treat to not only see such a GRAND old movie palace, Michigan Theater, but we were also treated to some organ music on the original Barton Theatre organ. Here is a tiny sample.

Takes us about 3 hours to drive to Ann Arbor and  managed to get some crochet/knit done for some new textile graffiti. This is for the central

Yarnbombing Graffiti Alley, Ann Arbor, MI

Placed St.Patricks Day 2010

The first thing we did when we arrived was go to our fave alley(graffiti alley) and put up some jafagirl art. You can hardly see it from a distance which really like.

I was really suprised to see last years yarnbombing still up, although the doll had been ripped off.

Placed St.Patricks Day 2009

Framing Issues for War Embroidery

I finished this embroidery but just have't figured out how to mount it. I have dreamed ideas and thought about ideas up to the eyeballs. The tantalizing part is I know what I want but can't quite figure it out technically.

I know I want it stapled to something.


Visited the Society for Contemporary Craft in Pittsburg over the weekend and saw the beautiful work of Kurt Wieser.

Public Art Box

Inner Monster

Nancy and I put in a new piece (made by Nancy) for the art box on corry street. I kind of get a kick out of this but it's amazing how many people in town have never noticed it, kind of like the nose above the sweetie shop. They quietly exist and become a suprise when people actually notice them.


Craftivism: Textile Graffiti


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