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Given my recent declaration about the business of art a fellow blogger Claire very kindly directed me towards this New York Times Article, titled "Tight Times Loosen Artists Creativity, and I thought, uh huh! Yep! Exactly! It is really nice to know I'm not alone.

"Many artists echoed Ms. Holland, testifying that the recession had strengthened their commitment to their work or allowed them to

Tweet says the Birdy

long and short stitches, satin stitch and french knots

Anyone familiar with my blog or work will of course recognize my little spuggy.

The spuggy tweets on the edge of her threadstweet bloody tweetain't she sweet

Art Stuff
Scrap Wars-the art of getting someone to cough up $12,000
It was the Gerbil that did it, plus the nasty use of yellow (wish there was a pic)

Cute StuffJafabrit's Front

Psychedelic Light Show & Art

People often ask what inspires an artist and I would have to say for me EVERYTHING, even a light show on Fremont Steet in Las Vegas. I love the colours and the abstract swirling patterns, the pounding music. Somehow all the experiences absorb into the unconscous and sneak out into my art one way or another.

Strawberry Girl: paint and embroidery

WIP: oil on canvas, embroidery thread

I decided to cut up an old painting and play with it. I've always liked this painting but didn't know what to do with it until now. Doing couching stitch on oil painted canvas isn't easy, but I like the effect. I also added white eyelashes on one eye.

Note on Copyright from U.S. Copyright Office
copyright is automatic

"Copyright, a form of

Embroidered Flower

I drew out a flower and did couching/satin stitch for the stem, cretan stitch for the leaves, french knots for the center of the flower, long and short for the petals. The bar at the bottom is a piece of reverse painted plastic I had done a few years ago and cut up.

First time I've done Cretan stitch , and I would love to try some of these ones.

Digitized Embroidery
A visitor mentioned

It's a Process

The baby and fern are embroidered onto the linen, but the rabbit and text are adobe overlay image over the photo of the linen piece (will copy onto the linen to embroidery next.)
By the way that cute little baby is me :) wasn't I adorable, uh huh!

I can see this process (even in just playing) is going to be very slow compared to painting and assemblage. I do a little bit, then figure out

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