So After the Museum

Bad Bunny Street Sticker made it to the sticky pole and I resumed my obsession with shadows

in downtown San Antonio. Then we got so hot and thirsty the new obsession was thirst

and what better than quenching it sitting by the Riverwalk ;)

AH! the Riverwalk ♥

Yarnbombing before there was Yarnbombing

Saw this crochet covered Beer Bottle circa 1995 by Bill Davenport at the San Antonio Museum of Art. Of course it wasn't called yarnbombing back then ;) Bill calls them yarnworks and you can see some examples on his website. I had fun visiting his site, what an interesting artist, AND he was doing a giant yarnball before it became popular with yarnbombers around the world.

Meanwhile how cool

Standing Tall in Texas and HOT

Visited San Antonio Texas and wearing cowboy hats was a must, not just because it's Texas but because the heat beats down on your head and wearing a hat is a saviour.  Hat hair is another story, ahem!

Bought the hats at El Mercado and ate at La Margarita and it was so fab that even the loo was cool.

Yes, I know strange, not a typical tourist pic, BUT it was hotter than the hinges of

Offline For a Week BUT

if you are new to my blog here is some info

I love to paint. I sometimes photograph the painting and then manipulate the image on Adobe. They could end up being street stickers or just something to put in my sketchbook/scrapbook for future inspiration.

I love to play in my sketchbook with paint and whatever is lying around the studio.

I love to find things in my studio, like old

Yarny Tales in Ohio and Things That Make Me Smile

On Saturday we (jafagirls) did a art 

 walking tour of Yellow Springs (check out the towns art map)  with about 22 Docents from the Dayton Art Institute.  They wanted to come and visit us and see our yarnbombs. After the walking tour we did a slide show presentation  and reception at the Yellow Springs Arts Council. Was such a delight to meet them and also hear about the public's response to


Keiths Alley

I know quite a few people going through a difficult time for one reason or another and so Jafa T (Talitha Greene) and I thought it would be fun to post smiley faces around town. 

Most of them are done on old vinyl records, but I'm sure we will be doing them on other found objects, scraps too.

Plastic Pollution: Tedious but not Boring

Perhaps it is for some, but for me spending quiet hours in the studio and cutting up old plastic garbage bags and gluing is a meditative process, much like embroidery or slowly building up a painting layer by layer.

I was invited to participate in a trash exhibit and the theme is plastic. My challenge was to  make something that helps make a statement about the damage plastic  has and do it

Stencil Art on Vinyl Record for fafYES


 Yellow Springs, Ohio

I have a pile of old vinyl records and so here is another stencil based on a photograph of my daughter. I was going to add a stencil flower but just felt like doing something simple, and as some of you may know I love paint drips. Almost has a Mary Quant feel to it, yes?

Come to think of it I still have some original Mary Quant items from the late 60'

She's an Ambivert

ey up, what the heck is an ambivert, says she who lurks in shadows?  Well I tend more towards being an introvert, although many would not believe this.  

This is the best description so far: "You have the best of both worlds. You can enjoy your own company as well as the company of others. You can find plenty to occupy yourself with when alone without getting bored, but you also enjoy

Wisdom Is

Accepting that something you are working on with such love and care is just NOT working and it's time to let go. 

I liked all the elements, but they were just not working together visually or thematically. 

First a cup of tea 

 time to reflect

Rufus was indifferent but kept me company.

In a funny kind of way the act of letting go  of this piece fits with the theme. Hum maybe after

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