She who ponders

Is she who scribbles in sketchbooks

and talking of sketchbooksSketchbook ProjectThe Art House Sketchbook Project made it into the Brooklyn Daily Eagle.Notethe doll is my wish doll made out of cloth, wire, my hair, leather, clay feetand wearing a Turkish evil eye bead (nazar bonjuk) on the wrist.and to my sonHAPPY BIRTHDAYDogum gunun kutlu olsun!

A duh moment

I wanted an incentive box to put by the treadmill (certain loved one's have said they will put a dollar in every time I use the treadmill for a given time) so I went to the shop to see if I could find something. I did and it cost $15 dollars and I'm thinking how ridiculous for me to spend money for a money box. That's when I had the duh moment, sheesh, I can recycle, I can make it myself using

Artistic License: Some have it and some don't

and I've got it

Yep, here it is.

I first saw it on BoingBoing and followed the link to the Evolution Control Committee to order my very own. Last week I actually had someone ask me if I had a license to put up the yarnbombing on the local pole. Oh if I only had my license on me then I would have whipped it out and said, "ah hah! as a matter of fact I do, uh huh, yes siree, here it

ChamberPot Gallery: A loo with a View

If you live in the area and can deliver an artwork to Yellow Springs for the ChamberPot Gallery then check out our website. We are putting out a call to artists for a semi permanent exhibit for June 2009. The theme is Yellow Springs and the work will stay up until it is sold or the artist wishes to remove it after a year.
I was really happy with the results of using CanvasPress for my "

Finding your inner Gargoyle

On St. Patricks day I found my inner gargoyle at Vitosha, petted George, yarnbombed graffiti alley with a new camo doll, bought Umberto Eco's book "ON UGLINESS", roamed Ann Arbor, ate Ethiopian Fare at the Blue Nile, drank a bottle of Champagne and then required assistance climbing into a HUGE four poster bed at the B&B.

It was a good St.Patricks day

I hope your's was too

May the best

Kippers and Drowning the Shamrock

Well I said I like my kippers and these are Scottish kippered herrings I picked up from my brit supply store. Sometimes it is nice to set a table with your fave breakfast on a fave piece of dinnerware (Woodfield by Steubenville from the 1940's on a fave piece of tatted lace made by a relative) instead of scarfing something down in the kitchen, at the computer or the usual kitchen table. I

What a Trifle

I hung an early sample of the dickie bird on "gulch gal" on Dayton Street for Free Art Friday

And Made a Spooky Trifle for a Dinner Party
Death by Chocolate and it is unfortunate that the sweetness did not sweeten the tongue of one of the guests. Yes folks an art work will result lol! Can you guess?

Radical Crafts
I am doing research on radical crafts for the exhibit our committee (I am part

Caravaggio Cheated

well, not really, he just did what many artists have done throughout history
Caravaggio used 'photography' to create dramatic masterpieces.

Amor Vincit Omnia by Caravaggio

There are many purists/art snobs who claim that the use of projector or a photograph is cheating and will dismiss the work of an artist who does use them. The interesting problem with that view is that they will have to

Why Art became Ugly

This writer has a theory and he makes some great points.
I read all the ism's and theories, I get it but I don't create with a thought about theories, truths, shocking , or making ugly images on purpose, etc.
Somebody on another blog made the statement
"Artists on the other hand think their plight is due to an uneducated public."
Maybe some do, but isn't that sort of buying into the theories

Sunday Snippets

I hung around town on Friday and got caught hugging a tree by "super" Dave (hey it was nice to meet you Dave), photographed a couple of things, ate a yummy sarni from the Emporium, and petted a ferret. I have never petted a ferret before and it was sooooooo sweet.

This is Romy Farrar with her pet ferret "grandpa".
She was very sweet to let me pet him and take a pic, thanks Romy.
This is what I

The Art of a Story

When was the last time you had someone tell you a story?Perhaps as a child as you drifted off to sleep?

I was invited by the Yellow Springs Storytellers, Jonatha & Harold Wright, to attend an event organized by Kevin Cordie (creator of the Story Box Project), and the guest storyteller was Native American Dovie Thomason . Little did I know at the time she is "an award-winning storyteller..

Going Green

and it's not because I'm Irish (well I am a wee bit).
Nope talking about

and thought I would introduce Green Girls Global
"an international blog about people from various different places with various different experiences, skills and interests talking about how they and people where they live are trying to live a more sustainable life."
Here is their Arts & Design section
oodles of GREAT

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