Catching a mood in a painting

"catching butterflies"
hanging on a wall somewhere in Yellow Springs

Can't remember if I have shown this or not but, I did this a few years ago. Doing any kind of foreshortening is not my idea of fun but even with the challenge of doing the fingers and thumb I so enjoyed doing this painting. It was the mood, the lights and shadows, the brushstrokes and my fave palette, black and white. I

Resin Painting: Political Art

"saints of misinformation"

So it is finished, YES!!!!!!!! It's funny how when you take the pressure off yourself to create you start creating again LOL! Anyway I am finished with all the work for my exhibit next month. So what I did was divide the panel and then cut out around the face with my scroll saw. My husband asked if the face was a photograph. No, it is an oil painting . It is not

For the Love of Vintage

Have you ever come home from shopping and just wanted to set your goodies out and enjoy them for a while? I bought a couple of things from my favourite gallery (gregory's studio of wonders) which ALAS is closing down by the end of next week :( A fellow blogger here wrote a beautiful entry about Gregory's Gallery and it's closing.
I was so pleased with my finds because I have had a yen to get me

Shrine Box and Effigy Wish Doll

"shrine to wishes"

So here she is hanging around :) with a naked dickie bird, a piece of coral my husband found in Hawaii, a charm in the shape a corset, a beautiful little reverse painted vase my daughter gave me, and inside the vase one of my favourite, favourite smells, English Devonshire Violets by Pateman Brothers. She wears a flower chocker made from a patch of suede coat I used to

From Sketchbook to Painting

I thought I would stop faffing with ideas and just get down to working with the sketchbook image I call "dribble!dribble! Since I have enough work for my exhibit I can afford to play with this one. If it works, great it will go in the show. If it doesn't work, so be it.

A Litte Art Hsitory
One of the first recipients for a sex change

shrine box sky

Oh yea! whoop de do, my major painting for the day was painting a blue sky in the shrine box I made to display my effigy wish doll. However if you think I am complaining then you would be wrong. It was just LOVELY and soothing.

TIP OF THE DAY: When putting on your mask don't forget to check and blow out the interior of your mask so you don't get a wee spider up yer nose. YIKES!!!!!!!

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