Faces and Shadows

Started working on a 2" x 3" painting for the Miniature Show in June. Will glaze it with some colour once the Grisaille is dry.

 I love it when the sun shines through the window and shadows dance across the walls.

How's this though, shadow art created from junk, to see more click on the link.

from enviromental graffiti

photo by pashasha

Here is some info about the

I am facing an ugly demon


There was a time when storms & squealing banshees in the night could never wake me, but now my nights seem filled with fragmented sleep and it's starting to take it's toll.

is how this spuggy feels. Hung around Ha Ha pizza with my jafapals, but now I am totally fagged out.

Children's Art in Stitch

I went to the celebration of the knit knot box's return. As local story box ambassador, Jonatha, said:"since the Storybox was a national and international favourite, it was stuffed to overflowing with old and new stories. In fact Dr.Kevin Cordi told those present the contents of the box had to be divided into several boxes in order to handle the huge volume of contributions added during

Observations this St.Patrick's Day

I made a special breakfast for myself as this is my 33rd wedding anniversary, Kippers.

Watched this sweet video

The Dogs were rescued by the Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support

Shaking my head at this

Corporate Bullying & Nadia Plesner

Darfurnica (detail), Nadia
Plesner, 2010

It's ironic that Vuitton sues one artist for copyright infringement but on the other hand hires

Telling our Stories

My story is here, a continuous journey expressed with arts and crafts. Right now I'm working on some children's art from the StoryBox Project.

Used with permission.

 As I look at the back of the embroidery it reminds me of how quickly our lives can become untangled and to treasure each day.

How the Red Cross is helping Japan

Hard to Talk about Art

when the world really is turned inside out. The images coming from Japan are truly frightening and this isn't over, there are fires at the Nuclear Power Plant.

Meanwhile I can say I am *blessed* with minor complaints.I seem to be having major probs with editing on blogger for a week or so now grrr. Oh well, since I

TED: Use art to turn the world inside out

Some of his (JR) projects are amazing, and yes I can see why his work has an impact. The rooftop eyes seem to be treasured by the inhabitants in Africa and the clever solution to wheatpasting in India. I also love the way he considers the placement of the images, and the attempt to change perception.

Listen to his Wish & Participate

Inside Out Project

I suppose in  our own way (I refer

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