Tofu Stories

Tofu Stuffed Toy from Taiwan in Jafabrit's Kitchen

Madsilence did a really nice article titled " The Trouble with Tofu" and how Americans haven't been able to appreciate it. Check it out they have some great links for recipes.
I thought I would share a funny Tofu commercial from Taiwan my son sent me about tofu crying if people don't eat them.

Art House Sketchbook Project

Y is for Yarnbombing

Men's Throne Room
(also known as the ChamberPot Gallery)
at the Train Station,Yellow Springs, Ohio
Yep, the Jafagirls don't just yarnbomb, benches, posts and trees hee! hee! hee!

And NOW for something completely different
Food Porn Generates Passion
On the Menu: should you really photograph that food?
Bet you didn't know there was a term Food Porn? or did you? I didn't.
Well check out Food

Bad Manners

Are their lives that miserable!
So we are visiting the New Noodle place in the Greenecollective art project by the jafabrit clan
and it's PACKED, but we manage to find a table.
There were only four chairs and we needed one more
Ah hah! the next table has a spare one
So my son asks if we could have it
My goodness, her FACE
As she moved her coat off the chair she muttered under her

X is for X-rated


US activists, who were giving a talk in Turkey about the transformative power of art were criticized for naivete. Hurriyet Daily News

In regards to the US activists, their failure perhaps was not showing HOW art can transform by providing international and national examples. In general I find many underestimate the power of imagery until you start bringing up examples and issues of

W is for Window to Winter

winter view by c.bayrak
alphabet soup for W

U is for Under

As in under the acrylic tunnel at
Ripley's Believe It or Not Aquarium of the Smokies
this is a sawfish
alphabet soup U

Photography Issues

you witness something,
photograph it for the student newspaper you are working for and get charged.
For up to date info on censorship issues visit the blog for "The National Coalition Against Censorship" which " is dedicated to protecting rights and

R is for Rock

Graffiti Rock Bike Trail Yellow Springs, Ohio

Hum the need to leave our marks on rocks, walls goes back centuries doesn't it.

Talking about leaving our mark

What is Craftivism
This site describes it as "raising questions about the role and definition of craft and attitudes towards it as well as our relationship to, and implication in, the changing global conditions of trade through

Q is for quilt

As in quilted wood
This is a close up of a full size wooden quilt kimono I made based on a vintage 60's fabric one I bought in Dallas Texas many years ago. I did them in sections on mdf board that were then gessoed, painted, cut out and reassembled and then stitched together with coated wire.

The Boom is Over. Long Live Art.
I read this in the New York Times Sunday and anybody struggling

P is for Potato

reading art by corrine bayraktaroglu originally
posted on Jafabrit's Art. 

you for dropping by.

Repeat entry but I couldn't resist since today's letter is P and this made me laugh.
That is really one very sad looking tattie, potatoe, pitatie, spud, solanum tuberosum.

"Mrs. Neighbour" I says. "why do you have a grumpy potato on the shelf above the stove"? "eeeh, what are

O is for Oops!

I really didn't get a chance to do a photo for O LOL!
so instead you got an oldie pic titled "art snobs do me in"

Meanwhile somewhere in Ohio a new street sticker lurks

A posterized version of my felt anatomy piece

Well, err I am giving a blog radio interview today over at Dirty Footprints, EEK!!! Wish me luck :)

M is for Mouse

"give me the cheese"

Gosh who knew there were so many felt mice, they are just adorable.
I had two white pet mice once, my gosh what smelly little things, but very useful for releasing and scaring aunties' and babysitters.
My fave kind of mouse is a dormouse.
We had one that used to pop up his head behind the sink and watch mum wash the dishes when we lived in Hetton-le-Hole. Wasn't

L is for Lung

"it sucks"

I call it "it sucks" because I used to love smoking and had to quit cold turkey quite a few years ago. Yes, a disgusting habit but one I enjoyed on occasion.
It is a soft sculpture wall hanging and still a work in progress made out of felt (filled with fag ash and rice to weigh it down). At the top I will be adding lips for the felt fag.
Textile Arts
I found this at the Wooster

G is for Gum

Graffiti Alley Ann Arbor MI
photo by c.bayrak

Yes, there is such as thing as gum graffiti (gum walls)
Here is flickr set that shows how elaborate some can be.
Gum Wall of Seattle
Bubble gum alley in San Luis Obispo, California

Ben Wilson's Chewing Gum Miniature Art
then there is
Maurizio Savini who creates life size sculptures with chewed bubble gum

F is for Face

"austina powers"

I call this my austina powers look and it wasn't intentional. I seriously thought these glasses looked cool and thought I would take a pic (this is from a few years back). AND why didn't anybody tell me I had parsley between my teeth.
alphabet soup F
Sketchbook Project Page

"dead fred"
Actually I didn't know him well, but I knew his skull well.
I called him "dead fred"

D is for Doll


My uncle had me convinced that while I slept my dolls danced on the shelf all night long. I would try to trick them by pretending to be asleep and suddenly opening my eyes to catch them in the act. I tried desperately to stay awake pretending I was asleep but always falling asleep. I never did catch them out, I would wake in the morning and examine the shelf and yes they had moved

A is for Alley

As in an alleyway in Keith's Alley, Yellow Springs Ohio

Part of Pierre Nagely's mural on the right
Alphabet Soup project with Laughter Minute

Boo hoo! whaaaaaaaaaaa!
Due to the Economy, or lack thereof.
Yellow Springs lost a lovely little gallery this weekend.
The Nolaa Gallery, owned by jafagirl Jen, closed its doors this weekend.
Your wonderful little gallery and bright presence

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