Found Art: What a Woman!

Rosa Murillo's Found Art Tuesday theme was "woman" and I thought how there are some women who inspire the phrase "what a woman". Louise Nevelson is one of those women.

Discarded Computer part, clay bead skull and a little picture of Louise Nevelson. The picture on wood slides out and on the back is her quote.

”When you put together things that other people

have thrown out, you’re really

Sunday Musings: A matter of Context

I saw an odd thing when taking the dogs for a walk

  and I found it oddly disturbing.
It's not like I am not used to seeing road kill, but somehow seeing a squirrel gently placed on a settee on the side of a road put it into a different context, into the unexpected. I wasn't seeing a piece of road kill anymore, I was seeing a beautiful little animal in deathly repose and felt a sadness for it.


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which is what happens when I start to get that itch to paint (start of a new series) but I'm not quite ready yet. So I am puttering around doing everything and nothing, doodling in my sketchbook, dithering about on my blogs, preparing my studio and supplies, doing found art (decided to join Rosa Murillo's found art Tuesday project), knitted a hot pink scarf in a week. Been years

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