Graffiti granny strikes again

Okay, so technically I am not a granny, but I am to some people. Remember when I was asked by a local teen when I was doing the knit knot tree if I was one of the guardian grannies, yikes! So here is my latest bit of knit graffiti with a camouflage doll, which I had a lot of fun doing.

A fellow artist and friend Pierre Nagely took a break from doing his mural to come and have a chat

Skull Art: From Adobe Photoshop to Painting

I started by collaging various images over the skull, erasing parts, and adding others. Once I was finished I printed it out and used it as a point of reference for a vinyl record painting.

I focused on being loose and not too precious (as in detailed and perfect). I find, like gestural drawing, painting like this doesn't give you time to think too much. It becomes more an exercise in the

Art In a Ball and Tattoo Baby Genesis

Undaunted asked what sort of art we (moi, Nancy, Talitha and Jennifer) put in our art vending machine. I don't have any recent pics but here are a few samples. The challenge is coming up with pieces that are are original, not labor intensive and don't require buying supplies to make. The Art Vending machine is not a money maker, but it is fun and people seem to really enjoy it, especially

Grumpy Potato's and Found Art

"Mrs. Neighbour" I says. "why do you have a grumpy potato on the shelf above the stove"? "eeeh, what are you talking about"? says mrs.neighbour. I asked her, "you mean you didn't do that on purpose"?. "no, what"? says mrs.neighbour, "I just put the tattie there for my son so he would remember it for lunch"?

She couldn't stop laughing as I told her over a cup of tea (not with sherry or

skeletons and hearses

Somebody asked me why I had a skeleton in the car today!

Nothing complicated really!
She was supposed to be photographed with Darth Vader in town last Saturday, but it was raining so heavily the photo shoot wasn't going to work. I just haven't been bothered to take her out of the car. Between me driving around town with a skeleton and this fella with a hearse, well I suppose it is hardly

Big Brother

 " big brother"

oil on canvas

There was a day in England if you didn't put your rubbish out then you got stuck with it for another week, and that was not a very appealing prospect. Well not now because little spy cams in the bins and back alleys can alert authorities and fines exacted against those rabble rubbish rebels. And if the spy cam doesn't catch you then a paid informer for the

Revisiting an old favourite at the National Gallery of Art

Agnolo Gaddi

Florentine, active 1369 - 1396Madonna Enthroned with Saints and Angels 1380/1390, tempera on panelOn my visit to Washington D.C. in April I revisited one of my favourite paintings at the National Gallery of Art. I have spent hours in this gallery exploring the exquisite icon paintings and this one floored me when I first saw it in 1995. Having tried (unsuccessfully) to paint

60's and 70's crafts/fashions are baaaaaaaaaaack

Photo from my 1970 sketchbook-decorative drawing by jafabrit's ma

Does anyone remember doing this with old records back in the 70's and then painting or decoupaging them? Remember tie-dyeing, candle making, macramé, and flower power, and decoupaging anything that didn't move. I picked up an fashion mag, elle, and the Hippie Trend is back with a zing and a twist. Does anyone remember

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