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I am hoping I can take my little journal on the plane. I am putting pics of home, family, recipes (texas ceasar salad -YUM) for mum and sis, and small sketches and observations as I travel. This is a photo of my back patio where mass quanities of tea are consumed and the mosquitos enjoy a bloody feast on my husband (they really seem to like his blood the best). Gannin Yem means going home and

Stone Mad

Studio is cleared and ready but I can't concentrate or start new work because I am too excited and distracted about my trip home to England (in a couple of weeks). So I am just doing bits and bobs and had fun printing out some of my work to decoupage on stones, some of which I will take to England.

Art out of Necessity


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These were my very first stone portraits, which I put in a show in the Maryland Federation of Art in Annapolis. I was very encouraged because

Portraits on Stone

I used to find a lot of really cool stones by a river in New Jersey and paint them. I haven't found any around here that are irregular AND smooth to paint so instead I just do decoupage or quick one's for found art.
That fella with the stone is Chuck Close. In the bowl is Orson Wells, Chuck Close, and Edith Sitwell. Can you tell which one's? These are the stones for found art.

There is a

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