Happy Feet

My legs were slim back then, on that evening long ago dancing with my irish friend Althea. We were doing the bump to james brown in a disco called Grobs in Newcastle, England. I started dancing with this fella and by the time the evening was over Althea says in her thick irish accent, "you're going to marry him". I said, "don't be daft". Well here I am 31 years later and it is our wedding

Kid's Art and Kippers

I used bugle beads and small beads for the eyes on this one by my son. It is of course mr. and mrs pacman in love and the stork deliving a baby pacman :)

Media and method: I gesso black fabric, trace on the design, paint outlines and fill in with acrylic, use quilting thread around some of the edges, and then embellish with black embroidery thread, beads, buttons etc.

Kipper Trivia


WIP: Oh Poo!

"oh Poo!"
I'm stuck in the loo, can't escape, how about you! Okay! Okay! I am NOT a poet. If you don't enjoy potty humor poetry then skip Porcelain Poetry, but if you want to see some AMAZING bathroom fixtures then visit Clark Sorenson's wesbite.
Some artists have already done their paintings for the ChamberPot Gallery, so I thought I had better get my act together and start mine. This is based

Painted Wine Bottle


I did paint ON glass once, this is oil on glass with a Harry Lauder branch and is in the gallery "in a frame" in Yellow Springs. My daughter has this fabu tree called a Harry Lauder tree in her front garden. The tree is named after a much beloved scottish entertainer who performed using its crooked branch as a cane. The shrub itself was discovered growing in an English

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