They shouldn't get ALL the candy

St. Andrews Parish Churchyard

built in the 12th century

 Newgate Street, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England


"Tis now the very witching time of night"

Hamlet's Soliloquy


Craft Activism on CT Style TV show

Craft activism:

To learn more about the book visit the Craft Activism Website

Meanwhile back in Yellow Springs it's Yelloween and I couldn't do a post without including a skull.

cough! cough!

Stencils in Felt

Mr.Plato is taking a rest from reading craft activism and keeping an eye on the police hanging around the Hairy Art Palace exhibit. ahem!

Doing an exhibit can really challenge you to think of the space and how to present your work within it.I came up with the idea of doing my policewoman (based on a photo of my daughter) stencil in felt because I couldn't spray paint it on the gallery

Salon Chat on Craft Activism/Craftivism

Craft activism is a fairly new term and really took off after Betsy Greer joined the two words and coined the word craftivism in 2003. However the act of joining craft and activism  has a long history. An example that quickly comes to mind is the Arts and Crafts Movement in which the focus was promoting economic and social reform.

Nancy and I will be at the Yellow Springs Arts Council

Decorations on a Budget: Halloween Table Decoration

This has to be one of the simplest and quickest ways to decorate with very little and been one of my favourites for years.

Got any spare branches?

Paint them black.

Make little felt flowers or cut out paper bats, or pumpkin ornaments and decorate.

Branches from Harry Lauder's Walking Stick Tree

Currently it's part of a display in the "Hairy Art Palace" exhibit, so if you want to

Zombie Doll

Not me ;) 

 No, it's for the Public Art Box.

We have zombie walk coming up in Yellow Springs and it seemed she needed to join in.

The Art Box is located on Corry Street

Even More New Tattoos by Matt Decker

Beautiful New Piece on Katherine 

Super Cool!

This is Awesome! Diamonds and a Heart!

Trying to live the ArtFULL Life, Weird Clouds Over Ohio and sadness in Zanesville

People often think it means being an artist and creative with some medium (well it can be that too), but what does it mean exactly?

I found this lovely site called The Artful Life and here the blog author explains.

I like the idea of doing a goals page like this one in my sketchbook, and I do find I need to kickstart myself. I used the word "trying" in the title because I am facing the post

New Work by Matt Decker

Matt Decker has been kicking butt latley! Check out some of his new work from last week!

Al's got this new piece of the planets in alignment on 2012

Missy is almost finished getting her phoenix! Matt has one last color session to go!

Very cute Owl!

 An Oakland Outlaw Derby Girl got this great wing! It's also a cover up!

Today I wish I could smoke :(

"It Sucks"

Not because I miss smoking, but because smoking was a comforting distraction during times of sadness. 

Instead I will burn incense.

My sadness is not for me, but for those close to me whose hearts are breaking at the loss of a sister, a friend, a daughter, an aunt, a young woman who is now on a new journey.

RIP  Lillian

Taiwan Funeral Rites

Gallery Sitting your Own Exhibit: the good, bad and the ugly

can be a really humbling experience, and a  valuable one too. Nancy and I gallery sat the whole day Saturday at our exhibit with a steady flow of visitors. 
The bad and the ugly 
Here is the humbling part, not everyone is going to like your exhibit or some of your work and some make it very obvious.   Some just walk in and out immediately, some display the "sniff" (That "sniff" of derision is

Dogs with Mustaches,Attitude & Indifference

Yep, even Miné (daughter's dog) has mustache envy. I got this lovely card for our jafagirl opening and it made me laugh.


Bailey was totally indifferent, too busy munching on snacks to be impressed with the Dog Art at the exhibit. 

Well as they say in Bengali


I got that from the Quack Project

Black and White Food

That was the theme for our reception table at our exhibit, although I see Nancy snuck in something brown lol! Meg, the arts council intern did a brill job with the faces on the eggs. I am happy to see that my Australian licorice scotty dogs were gobbled up.


to all those that came to the reception, helped out, arts council volunteers, and especially those who bought

Colourful Snapshots in the Neighbourhood and Mustache Envy

Art Park in Yellow Springs,Ohio

Ah! you noticed, yes! that sneaky little U in colourful and neighbourhood. Well today my bloggy friends I am baking biscuits for the reception tonight and I don't mean these kind.

Here is a fun American to British/British to English translator. 

Yea! mustache biscuits done!

I was just told mustaches are a new fad LOL!
There is even a flickr

Doorway to the Hairy Art Palace

It's as jafapal Nancy imagined it, and much thanks to Susan and Talitha for helping put up the drapery.  The nose was made in 2008 and hung over a shop in town for  nearly three years until a new owner wanted to redecorate the front. In the background Mr.Plato is holding a copy of Craft Activism and keeping an eye on the felt stencil policewoman ;)

Reception is tomorrow, eeeeeeeeeek!

woolly headed, literally

"Hairy Mary"

Yarn  decorated mannequin

which is how I'm feeling as I prepare to hang the Hairy Art Palace exhibit on Monday. You know, this is what happens when one becomes obsessed with yarn and glue, and garage sale mannequins.  If they are not covered in felt,like mr. plato, they are yarnbombed.

On the Washing Line: Hand Sewn Quilt

Washing line in Northeast of England

It was fun to see a quilt I had so lovingly made by hand back in the 80's for my mother still in use, and still in FAB shape. 

There is a story behind this quilt, a story of a young mother in Texas, whose heart ached with homesickness and wanted the comfort of knowing that her mother would touch the quilt and feel that thread of love even in  a

Talking about Surprises & Dealing with Naysayers

Swoon: It's about the feeling about surprise in an otherwise dead space.

Saw this on Craftivism Blog and wanted to share.

Swoon's drawing and what she has done with it is amazing.  Here is some info about her on Bit Rebels.

Dealing with Naysayers
(not talking about people offering thoughtful critiques and concerns).   
I love this quote by Gandhi, "I will not let anyone walk through

Crafting Hell and the German Connection

The Hell of Handicrafts and one of the questions Alex at the Guardian News asks is, "why do women want to embroidery when they could be reading Hegel?"  Perhaps instead it's because we are listening to Hegel wink! wink!  Fun article! and her 10 rules for happier handicrafters made me laugh. I like rule number one.

My own crafting hell is why on earth did I suggest to jafapal nancy we

New Work by Matt Decker!

Memorial Piece

Finished Sleeve on John! 

Angel of the North and Sting

taken sept 2011
Angel of the North by Antony Gormley

It took a long time for locals to like this now famous landmark known locally by some as "rusty reg or rusty rita". There's something VERY comforting going back home and seeing it. I suppose not unlike New Yorkers who know they're home when they see the Statue of Liberty.

 It's Sting's 60th birthday today, and since he's another

New Piece by Matt Decker

Matt Decker finished this mandala piece on Jules. So awesome!

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