The Madness of ART: What's in YOUR corner?

I couldn't resist sharing this video From the Madness of Art.

Candy in the Corner

What's in MY Corner

Not candy, just dust bunnies and my easel

I was in the mood for experimenting with my oil sticks and charcoal on paper. Haven't used oil sticks (not to be confused with oil pastel) for years and never on paper.

 I think I could have done more push and pull with the values, BUT

Sunset Wires

One day they, they being the powers that be, will remove the old poles and wires and put all the cables underground. One day people will look back fondly of how the sunset made the wires sparkle in the fading light, and the birds sat on the wires.

Did you know that

once upon a time wearing a dead bird on one's hat was considered the height of fashion and inspired the beginning of the Audubon Society.

Image Source: Library of Congress Bain Collection

"In the late 1890s the American Ornithologists' Union estimated that five million birds were killed annually for the fashion market. In the final quarter of the 19th century, plumes, and even whole birds,

Something fishy: Art and Public Space

Remember the case I posted about in 2009 about a Fish Mural on the side of  Complete Angler (now closed) in Clearwater Florida and how the city fined the business owners claiming the mural was an ad. 

Thanks to the ACLU the business owners won their case, although it is claimed the proprietor is not happy. 

Fast forward 3 years later and clearwater has made sweeping changes to their sign

Each Bird Doth Choose a Mate

I overheard a young college student protesting loudly nearby on his cell phone that Valentine's Day is a made up Hallmark Holiday and thought to myself with that inner smile that comes with age, "uh huh,just wait". Sure it's commercialized BUT it's not a made up holiday.

It is said that once upon a time this was the date that birds began to choose their mates...  the earliest reference

The Third Day of the Week

and I have

20 minute posebeen on the go all day, so no time in the studio. I did start the day off with life drawing at someone else's studio though.  I was there for 2½  hours, but it usually takes me nearly 2 hours to warm up and generally my last effort is the best. I would have liked to have developed the head, and the hand more, but only so much can be done in a 20 minute pose.THEN I

Giving Up is NOT an Option or is it?

Not for me, but rejection can take it's toll most particularly when there is an onslaught of events, related and unrelated to one's art.   I read two things last week that made me wonder. Georg Baselitz repeated the same old tired self fulfilling prophesy that women can't paint (yea-groan 2013 and we still hear this crap about what women can and can't do) and a Guardian News  article about 

Sniffle! Sniffle!

Well so much for my life drawing yesterday, got the sniffles and felt too grotty to leave the house. On the plus side I had an epiphany in the studio as I tidied up the clutter. Who knew cleaning the studio had such benefits, besides it being clean ahem!  I now have a PLAN, phew!!!!!!! It all started because I saw the burlap under the desk. More about that another day. 

After my ONE success


I have this idea in my mind of what I want for a piece due for an exhibit in a few months, but somehow every approach I take doesn't seem to cut it. I have cut, sewed, made plaster casts, plaster of paris molds,  painted it and nada, zip, yak!  Yesterday was my final attempt at a 3D version and it just isn't going to work. Then I spent the slumber hours haunted by it. GRRRRRRRRR!   

Okay, not

Experiments in the Studio

"When the Nightbird Sings"

I love that interplay with paint and computer and seeing how I can take a painting and stretch it. I have hated this bloody painting (yes I think I have mentioned this a few posts ago) for years. So I was inspired to rush down to the studio last week for several hours and paint over parts of it, adding a  bird  one day, then a mouse, and hair with drips plus a few

Why Do It?

Leave free art out for faf that is.

Buddha Shrine Box abandoned at the Little Art

It's complicated. Well maybe not. I don't know, erm, there are several layers to it. 

I have a constant need to create 

I love the challenge of upcycling or re-purposing something into art.

I like sharing

I enjoy making people happy

I like expanding art beyond traditional venues 

It's a statement

Hello, February!

Can you believe it's February, already?! We've been keeping ourselves busy at the shop with clients interior REMODEL! Matt and I just can't go a year without doing some serious upgrading! 

We put in a counter! We also plan on changing the murals (I know...sad...) but change is good. We are far from finished but I think we're off to a great start. Okay, so now for the real reason you visit this blog. TATTOOS! Brett Baumgart returned from Miami with some photos of some pretty stellar work.

 Back at the shop there was no shortage of awesomeness occurring. Matt Decker has been working on a new flash set. Photos of those to come soon. If you cant wait you can view a sneak peek here: . Matt also tattooed a stylized version of a Klimt master work. 

Danielle Silva tattooed a "Circle of Life" 

Danielle has also been working on a series of pin-up watercolor flash pieces. I'll give you a quick sneak peek now. A more in depth look to follow soon....

Needless to say life is pretty good at Premium Tattoo. You should probably come by and join in on the fun.

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