Humpty Dumpty was Pushed

A little creative altruism for Free Art Friday...Felt fried egg

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Four and Twenty Blackbirds

Sing a Song of Sixpence,A bag full of Rye,Four and twentyNaughty boys (blackbirds),Bak'd in a Pye.

When the pie was opened,The birds began to sing;Was not that a dainty dish,To set before the king?

The king was in his counting-house,Counting out his money;The queen was in the parlor,Eating bread and honey.

The maid was in the garden,
Hanging out the clothes,

Wordless Wednesday: bums and bags

Fenwicks Window Display Newcastle Upon Tyne 2006

Commissions and The process

On commissions

I once had someone say in shock when I said I don't do commissions " but don't you want to sell your work?" I said "but you are not wanting to buy my work you want to buy my services to create something for you." The thing is I am not selling a service (more power to those who can), I sell the results of what I do as an artist.

The Creative Process: What I DON'T do
1. hum!

MultiMedia Artist?

Effigy wish doll by c.bayrak

I had a anon commentator on another blog (talking about knit graffiti) scoff at my mention that I was a multimedia artist when I stated I also used yarn as a medium to express myself (they said my claim of being a multimedia artist was a bit of a stretch). I had to wonder if they had either never visited my website or blog OR maybe just didn't know what a

Crafts: Felt Birds

felt, iron on transfer eye based on my painted dickey bird, fabric, paint, and buttons

Thought I would make a bunch of bird ornaments for the Nolaa Gallery while I sit and watch movies in the evenings. I can't get my teeth into a new painting series until I have cleared the studio of smaller projects and prepped the studio. Now if I had a lovely big barn with ooddles of space I could have

goodies in the mail

I got a lovely surprise when I won something on Judith's artsy blog, which is now hanging on my wall next to my wishing doll shrine. On the other side is a lovely postcard of Casey Klahn's work. I would say my doll is in good company.
Thanks Judith I am so enjoying your beautiful painting.

GreenArt Fair Miami 08

As some of you may remember I submitted the above can to Painting Cans, an open collaborative project created by the Confusion Group.

Painting Cans was invited to take part in the "Green Art Fair Miami 08" with the support of Irreversible Magazine. So I am happy to announce that my can was selected for the exhibit, yea!!!!!!!!!

And talking of exhibits
I will have 12 painted cans in

Amica Magazine: Italian edition

The Italian Fashion Magazine Amica included a photo of my document from the "your documents please" exhibit in their November issue.

 The exhibit has traveled to Budapest and will open at 2B GaleriĆ” November 28- December 30, 2008 with a reception at 6PM, Nov. 28th.

Here is my piece titled
"ID therefore I AM"

Thank you to Daniel Georges and all those who have made this exhibit possible. As


Ink wash study in sketchbook

 No, not talking about the folk singer but that sudden feeling you get in your gut, that heavy dull ache that throbs like a pendulum, back and forth eating away at your soul when you hear someone you love is hurt. My son was shot in the eye with a bb gun. It was just one of those bizarre accidents but it was lucky it was a plastic bullet otherwise he may have

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