YS-OPOLY event and Caught Yarnbombing

The board game is finished, all the elements came together and now it's time to PLAY.

Springs to launch a board game.YS-Opoly: by the people, for the people.DDNews

Pre-launch party is Sunday June 2nd starting at 2pm info here


I had fun doing the portrait of Constance for the money and Bing Design put it all together.

and here is our (jafagirls)


How your images can become an orphan work

very quickly

What is an orphan work?

a few years ago I posted a blog entry called Glorious Colours in Nature, 

and included this image of  some  peacock feathers I had scanned.  The image to the left is the print out of the original blog entry when my background was black. 

I did a reverse image search and it's all over the flipping place,being used on book covers, blog entries,

Francesca was the BEST model

Okay the other model was GREAT too.

One of the local artists in our life drawing group brought her poodle today

and what a sweet dog

 Dogs are very healing! and this one enjoyed mega cuddles and attention. It also reminded how much I miss Rufus :(

 I can't say my concentration level was very good, not due to the dog though, but it was nice to get into the studio today. I just love the

Oh my, this ARTS org should know better.

Matter has been resolved
Really appreciate the email & apology
thank you

So a CT art org used my art to make a button for their ARTWALK FUNDRAISER

How about a 

Donate to Corrine Fund

Because not ONE person, not ONE company, not ONE organization has offered to pay me for my work, let alone give me any credit.

Here is the original © C.Bayraktaroglu

oh! and if you are

I am NOT Damien Hirst

and I certainly don't get paid like him.

Oh Dear, Wiki Paintings has my painting listed as done by Damien Hirst.

How the heck it got on there is beyond me. 
 and now it get's really WEIRD

 a florida man was arrested trying to sell a forged copy to sotheby's. 


Just found this
advertized about the Tate Modern.
some company is selling it on Amazon

by a production company

Another One of my Spin Art paintings on YET another Album?

A major music production company

and somehow my spin art painting 

is  on the 12" Gitan Single.

 thumbnails of my painting are all over the net. Y

Am I flattered that my art is used on a well known pop singers record? 

Do these record companies, producers, singers, graphic designers,  like to get paid for their work? Do they have copyright to their work? 

I would have

How did my spin art painting end up on a record label?

 Just google it and my image is all over the net? But there it is with Prospect Records 

and used for pop singer Mario Calegari's album.

They have their Logo on it!

Did anybody ask permission


Oh, you think I got paid for it's use.


Did I receive any credit for my art


It is one of my vinyl record series number 2 

and the original is currently hanging in my

Skull painting used as a LIV Nightclub Branding Image?

I found my painting online with the LIV logo across it on this well known Design Director's Portfolio. LIV is a big nightclub in Miami. Not that nobody would have known it was my painting on vinyl because the file name had been changed to liv_new_09 with no reference to me. My signature on the chin but maybe whoever grabbed it didn't notice or care.

I did contact the Design Director who

Butterfly Blue

more info

Spent the morning visiting the Butterfly Garden at the Franklin Conservatory 

which is currently featuring Butterflies of Brazil. I have in mind to do a couple more outdoor butterfly installations this year, similar to the felt blue butterflies Nancy and I put up at the Dayton Art Institute and on Xenia Avenue.

So the trip was part art related

but mostly FUN.

Blue Skies and Poppies:Being Thankful

As the horrific news unfolded in London, and the horror of it screamed at my soul I was reminded that there are some things in life that are just MORE important than getting ill and all het up about a few you know what's.

That is about the politest way I can describe copyright thieves who have been stealing or using my images to promote or profit from. Talk to me privately I will use more

New Work by Brett Baumgart

 Brett Baumgart has been killing it lately! Check out some new tattoo work and a couple of new color pencil drawings!

Realistic Tiger

Color Pencil Drawing. A gift for Brett Baumgarts father.

Realistic Orchid tattooed on Michelle. 

Partially done Realistic Typewriter 

Brett Baumgart tattooing himself at the Body Art Expo in SF. 

partially completed galaxy tattoo WAY more to go!

Bird side piece 

A partially completed portait 

Realistic Hummingbird 

Watercolor portrait of a ship on Hunters arm.

Realistic birds

Colored pencil Drawing by brett baumgart

Realistic Cassette Player buttons 

Copyright Infringement: Fusse Studios in Miami

Fusse Studios is a  3,000 sq.ft Professional Photography/Videography Studio, Event Venue, & Art Gallery

A cropped version of my painting was used to promote an event on their company fb page.

and was sent out to over 14,000 fb users.
The event was also promoted on tropicult

(which the admin removed as soon as I let them know-thank you)

My first communication was via fb messaging

BookMarks and YS-Opoly Pre Launch Party

Thank you BING Design, Brian Housh and the Chamber of Commerce. Bing Design created these great bookmarks using some of my photographs and Brian got them printed, I DID help cut them, phew! They are a wee gift from moi for each YS-Opoly game. 

Press Release

YS-Opoly Pre-Launch “After” Party
Sunday, June 2, 2013, 4-6pm
YS Brewery, 305 N. Walnut St, Yellow Springs, Ohio
Experience Yellow

Copyright Theft: Gargoyle Painting

UPDATE= My gargoyle painting was removed from flickr by the artist

 and I did get a profuse apology.


his video on Vimeo was also removed because it was used in the video.

That really isn't the end of all the places my painting has been posted as part of the marketing.  I wasn't asked, wasn't credited, wasn't payed.


History of the Painting

Oil on wood 

Hanging in the Den

Etsy Seller LaMiaCasa Busted Again

Again the shop owner, LaMiaCasa, claims she made it herself, but it is copyright to Georgia Mars who told me she did NOT give permission for it's use. 

Georgia's Blog

Etsy Seller Karla Gerard also did NOT give permission for her image to be used by LaMiaCasa  and after getting the same runaround as me, the image was finally removed.

Seems like she has used Margaret Bloy Graham's

Copyright Infringement: Nunu Assumes My Painting is Public Domain

UPDATE: 5/23/2013
Thank You Nunu for your courteous response and quick action. 

If you are new site owner perhaps you could save yourself a headache in the future by making sure images are reduced to thumbnails, crediting the artist, linking to their website and NOT putting your logo onto their images.
By having my image  up on your site you made it possible for to assume it was

Been a Stressful Few Days

Finding out how many people are ready to rip you off, small time and big time, companies, as well as fellow artists/photographers claiming they took the photos has been overwhelming. 


On the other hand I have had a lot of support  and you know who you are.


Jafabrit's Blog will resume it's usual schedule soon.

If you visited my blog because you found one of my images and

Copyright Infringement: The Forum Company South Africa

 I just got an email and they said they were not aware it had copyright because they got it off google images.

Just because images are available for view on the internet does not mean it is free to download and use. Image search engines state that all images may be subject to copyright.

"Copyright attaches as soon as an original work is created, and applies to published and

BUSTED Image Theft: My Heart painting used on a book jacket?

UPDATE: 5/23/2013
after contacting their webmaster I got this message. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Thank You
This website states on their terms of use page
"The material on this site is the result of research on the internet." 

Just because images are available for view on the internet does not mean it is free to download and use. Image search

Image Theft: Skull Painting on MySpace Page

It's great how musicians and their record companies want to copyright and protect their music and product. They are selling the playlist, but hey, notice that playlist image? 

It is MY photograph being used without permission on their website item #4

Nobody asked ME, and hey you gonna

 PAY ME for MY work?

Yes, I have the original photograph of my painting, and yes the online

Copyright Infringement: NIPIC user claims my graffiti alley image is his

NiPic contacted me and have REMOVED my photograph from their site
thank you 

Discovered this this morning.

Ripped off again,Yes, another example of my photograph (online version embedded with my signature) that is being used, this time in NiPic and uploaded by  lihaiqiang on  April 15th, 2010 with  no attribution to me, or where it was taken, or what link it was taken from. It

Zearle Youthful Folly Album Cover is my photograph of my painting

UPDATE: May 17, 2013

The image has been removed for viewing by the website until the issue is resolved.

Meantime I really don't know how many of the cd's were sold or distributed.

I was doing a search today and discovered Zearl Youthful Folly  used my  painting of my daughter for their album cover.

Anybody recognize this painting, YES, it's mine, and so is the photograph of it. The

Image Theft: Blingee and ETSY and Another Michael

It seems like it's just open season on screwing artists,so here is my image again amd again and YET again  being used without my permission. 

So I did a blog entry in 2007 and included this image of my painting

and here it is manipulated for use on 

just one kiss pictures
Blingee's community page for anyone to alter and use for ecards etc.

and check this out

and the

what is that big red bird doing in the tree

Art in Yellow Springs

Mrs.FLuck in a Cluck

No I am not talking about moi, or recent copyright drama's. No, I'm talking about this little ceramic fella that an art pal made and somehow Mrs.Fluck seemed like the right name.

Adorable huh! well I think it is.

Some of them are going in the Miniature Show coming up at IN A FRAME Gallery on Corry St.  

I submitted this little crow embroidery

 Meanwhile on the studio 

I am working

Graffiti Artists and Photographers are being RIPPED OFF

A design firm sold my photograph to a company that produces digital background dvd's published in  2010.    

Image 39 is MY photograph

You might notice that my video was uploaded 2010 includes the above photograph

and my photo was included in LSD (London Street Design) Magazine article April 2010
 50 Cool Street Art Shots

The CD using my image is being sold from around $20 to

Gallery uses ripped off photograph to sell as School Picture Background

I found my image online  and contacted them immediately. They sent me a link to a where they got my image. Unfortunately they bought a  CD from a company that has my image on one of their products. As professionals in the photography business I am hoping the gallery understands my anger at having my work exploited.They immediately removed my photograph from their slide show.


Figuring Things Out

One of the biggest challenges for me, well amongst so many when it comes to life drawing, is looking at a form and drawing it so that it makes visual sense.  This was really an awkward position because it was hard to see the the bony or muscular landmarks that help direct proportions and show what belongs where. The models left foot was hidden, which added to the challenge. Overall though

Studio Shots: Inspiration

I have had this painting of a troll sitting on the shelf for a couple of years and been going back and forth on how to frame or display it. Finally it clicked when I looked at this photograph.  Build a box frame with a shelf and have the 3d skull and a couple of roses in front of the painting.

Sunday Stitches


Slowly the stitched version of my sketchbook page I Hate Clowns is coming together. I added small pearlized beads for the eyelids, and ironed on velvet circles for the bow.

Not Getting It

It seems very silly

juvenile even 

AND  yet it can stop people in their tracks and say, "what the hell," and leave them laughing out loud. Who would think a silly little glittery screaming bug would have that much power. 

When I was in Saint Louis I left one in a pizza parlour and a little girl noticed. As she left she was clutching it in her hand and she looked at me with the biggest

Life Drawing: Tattoo Model

We had a great model for life drawing, and it was his first time, did a smashing job.

I have to think it is quite nerve wracking the first time, especially with all these people staring so intently and scribbling away.

He was covered in tattoos which inspired me to play with the lines.

Didn't want to draw all the tattoos, but enjoyed incorporating elements. My main goal this week

New Work by Danielle Silva!

Alice in wonderland tatoo
Alice in Wonderland tattoo by Danielle Silva

Alice in Wonderland Tattoo
Alice in Wonderland Tattoo by Danielle Silva

Crest Dragon Tattoo
Crest with Dragon Tattoo by Danielle Silva

Close-up of Dragon Tattoo by Danielle Silva

Star Wars Homage  by Danielle Silva

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