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My husband bought me this teapot 11 years ago in honor of my new found passion, art. I have about 35 teapots in my collection, and I use them all at some time or another. You see I LOVE tea, a strong cup of tea with milk and sugar.When I first came to America there were two things I remember specifically rejecting, paper napkins, and iced tea. Paper napkins I thought a waste of money, and

Worry Dolls and Rocks

I am making a few worry dolls for the art ball machine using left over fabric from the pillow I made for the guest room. I can't make a lot as they take a wee bit time, but I do like to put a few special things in the art balls to keep up the element of surprise.

The legend of Worry Dolls

My son took a pic of this "zipper stone" at the JUMING Museum located about an hour from Taipei

Vampire Rabbits & decorating mojo

I actually deocrated a room and LIKED it. I am not very motivated or adept at decorating, let alone comfortable at picking a colour scheme for a room. I painted a crappy old gold sideboard the same blue as the walls, bought a new suede swivel chair, lamp, mirror and fabric for a throw pillow.
I did have the depressing realization that I don't have many paintings of mine I could use to dress up

Sketchbook: Bunny strikes again

Except it isn't the bad pink rabbit (still haven't got around to working on it). No this is the Vampire Rabbit of Newcastle. The story about it is in the link. I started working on a new graffiti panel with the ideas from this sketchbook page.

Well I can't believe this and I am not sure whether it is a good thing (master of bullshit or a great yakker), but I got TWO awards LOL! My family always

Prams in trees and it's Monday Morning

Gregory at Gregorys Studio of Wonders on Dayton Street just loves to decorate the outside of his shop. His newest thing is hanging odd things in trees. Anyone visiting has to go in, the place is like a Vincent Price Mansion full of odd things, wonderful things, incongruous things. LOVE it.

Current Mood. Dead Chuffed because I have been awarded the "rockin girl blogger" by Noonan. Sweet!

WIP: Wish Doll / Marketing questions


Dear Visitor
Thank you for visiting my blog and my apologies.
 Unfortunately due to the continued infringement, mining and exploitation of my images by individuals, spammers and companies I no longer have the incentive to show images on my blog.

She's coming along, although she needs more hair, another leg, a few embellishments and some accessories. She is a wish doll because I put a

Effigy Doll

Well here is a peek of how my effigy doll is evolving. It's funny how Cynthia has started with the head and I have started with a torso lol! While cynthia's is an expression of ugly feelings, mine is about what I wish, more of a wish doll really. Rather curvy, hint! hint! to the powers that be, nudge! nudge! say no more! oooo la la :)

Anybody else want to join in our doll challenge?

I think

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