Gunshots Throughout the Night

I was going to bed and I thought I was hearing firecrackers at first, but then I realized it was gunfire and then a night of horror for our community ensued.

The gunfire lasts off and on for several hours, sirens, manhunt, dogs,loose gunman and we are terrorized. We listen to the police scanner, have to lock doors, windows.

Listening to the police scanner. 

Then he is trapped and we find

What Goes around Comes Around

You're reading art by corrine bayraktaroglu originally posted on Jafabrit's Art. 

Thank you for dropping by.

 I am working on a 20" x 20" oil painted version on canvas of "Dotty" for the Bound 2B Round Exhibit coming up at Village Artisans in Town. Plenty of time left if anyone wants to submit work.

I now have a new custom spin art machine thanks to Mr. Husband ♥ So back

The Crow Tweet'eth

I didn't even realize the Yellow Springs News  had a photo, by Amy Magnus, of my embroidery in the miniature show at In A FRAME, so it was pleasant surprise to come across it.

 Amy got a really detailed shot of the stitch work, so if you want to see embroidery stitches UP CLOSE click here.

 Here it is before I put it in the show.

Scanography: Hosta

Due to Copyright Theft/Infringement and attempts to bully me for trying to protect my copyright all my images are removed.
Off to the Studio
thanks for visiting

I just love the look of scanned flowers and have done a few in the past but didn't realize there is a term for it Scanography. I like the simplicity and arrangement of this one but boy check out Roberta Baily's, simply GORGEOUS.

A little Bird told me

 that little miss thieving pants blogger has a big sign on her blog that says protected by copyscape DO NOT COPY
so does that mean I can't copy BACK my photograph wink! wink! 

Some people are so eager to steal they don't notice the image or the text

like this person on DisneyPinForum who entered it in some competition claiming it is a watercolour of herself.


here they just

Flaneur Shots: House Faces and Fabric Flowers

Not sure why but every time I walk past this house it just makes me smile :)


My pal Nancy said someone attached this pretty fabric flower to her fence ♥

The Skeleton is OUT of the cupboard

Mr. Husband bought me this cool wooden skeleton quite a few years ago, which I  named Esqaulita. She gets to be photographed in a variety of poses, hanging around town, sitting in my car as a maid, hosting a party for a traveling bra and this one being the most notorious. How she ended up on this site with  a new file name is a mystery?  How dare she get out of jafabrit's cupboard and roam

Stitching along with Paul and Cindy

Naw! Paul H-O doesn't have an eye on my stitches but I have an eye on Paul as I DO my stitches ;) I like to watch movies while I work and this week I got a dvd Guest of Cindy Sherman.  Only watched a wee bit but already I am intrigued.

Contemplatio and Odd Creatures

It is time easily  pushed aside or forgotten as we rush about our lives or get caught in a cycle of petty minutiae.   I know Rodin's context is in terms of fleshing out (excuse the pun) the spirit of nature out of a block of marble, but spending time JUST looking at nature can animate us, feed our souls, ease us, inspire us.  

About Auguste Rodin

Odd Creatures in the Garden

I was

Unexpected Reminders of Loss

more info

I found his stuffed toy tucked in a corner and there staring at me was all the ache of losing my wee four legged friend. There it is, a sudden reminder, and it hits you like a ton of bricks with a spasm of unmitigated loss. I don't want to touch it, or move it, because it will be one more step to removing his existence.  

BEST TATTOO SHOP 2013! Plus, new Tattoo's by Matt Decker!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Premium Tattoo was voted Best Tattoo Shop of 2013 by East Bay Express readers! Big Hugs to all who took the time to vote! That makes Premium Tattoo the best 2012 and 2013!

Black Dog Blues

Phineas, my ceramic studio dog, ain't happy. In fact he feels pretty dissed, being taken places without his owners permission
subjected to the whims and uses of others.

Yep, he likes to hang out in my studio  

So if you want to use images of him for your flyers, music videos or whatever, just ASK.

That is the right thing to do

because if you don't 

he might just bite you in your

QUOTE PICS: Faces in Things and William Blake

Yellow springs, Ohio

I just love this tree, ride my bike by it often and it makes me smile every time.

It's funny how we can suddenly see faces in things and the steering wheel of my husband car looks like a praying mantis.

Did you know there is a term for Things With Faces?  I found an article about Pareidolia on the website Know Your Meme.

About William Blake

William Blake's

Copyright Infringement: One of my most RIPPED off images

My Dotty Spin Art Painting 

A week doesn't go by that I don't find my painting somewhere, either on a blog entry with no link back or credit, a facebook page icon or banner heading, the inescapable spam sites, youtube videos, record labels, professional website/fb pages, or used to promote an event. The irony is that many of the people who have used this image have a copyright notice on their

Context of an Image

Found a really great link via Creators Against Pinterest  that went at the Pinterest issue from a different angle,  Thomas Knauer talks about how reducing images to eye candy decontextualizes images and why Pinterest is a pernicious environment.

It's interesting because I was trying to figure a way of displaying my images that includes some context besides my url signature and meta tags (all

Dark Shadows

Just loving this old series.

I watch it as I paint, sketch or stitch and go through the process of reclaiming my art life

and explore the shadows of the mind.

“I thought the most beautiful thing in the world must be shadow.” ― Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar

Back to ART making

Have had ENOUGH of the distractions of late, although I have to say it has inspired an interesting theme for my exhibit next year.


Getting back to some serious art mischief in town and art making in the studio.

There is a parade in town and I am in it with other YS Put a Bird on It birds, so need to get cracking finishing my birds.

In the Studio

Working on a new piece for

A Protest: Quotes on a Tree and Memes

Back in July 2012 I did a blog post about the BIG protest in town when it was declared every tree on the main street would be chopped down as part of the streetscape plan.  Many in town protested the sudden draconian approach to this plan, including my jafagirl pal and we put up tree quotes, one or two are still up I believe.  The council finally voted against the streetscape plan.


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