dolls and stones

I get a real laugh everytime I go to the Emporium because the staff there started adding things to the ugly doll, first a leather jacket and now a hat.

This is called "chat room" and will be in the Emporium Show,"ugly pretty things" in Yellow Springs. The formation of the stone lent itself well to the image that ended up looking like Peter Lorre (not intentional) , in the movie "m" by fritz

The Art of Tombstones and Churchyards

I often used to walk through churchyards growing up in England. Nothing to do with being into the spooky. They are places full of history and interesting tombstones. This is one of my favourites. I used to see it when I cut across the churchyard to get to the bus stop on the other side.

It is called Haddon's Tomb (c.1717) and is located in Heworth Church, St. Mary's, "was probably founded by

Stick Men & Cheese on Toast

And what have stick men and cheese on toast got to do with each other? Nothing! I just love art and food and wanted to talk about them both on the same post.

Okay so there is a woman in the bunch, so technically speaking it isn't stick men,but stick persons, people :) These are the sticks that will be going into the "ugly pretty things" exhibit at the Emporium in Yellow Springs in November. 

Strange Creatures

I used to love getting off work (who doesn't) and hearing the church bells of St. Nicholas as I stood at the busstop on the Newcastle end of the Tyne Bridge. As a teen and young woman I used to walk around the cathedral, the quayside (no not picking up sailors you lot) and exploring the area, but for all the time I was there I never saw THIS.

Yes, it is a vampire bunny and it is located

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