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This blog entry is by Corrine Bayraktaroglu aka jafabrit who is  the admin for Free Art Friday blog, the jafagirls website, and Yellow Springs Arts Blog. Corrine is an artist, embroiderer, photographer, jafagirls member, blogger and craft activist.

Seasons Greetings

On display at the Gloria Gallery custom Christmas Ornaments

WONDERSPUN and The Wonder of It

Yes, apparently I am absolutely so brilliant that this award winning Design Firm said they would love to hire me for projects in the future and pay me handsomely for my work


not for the one they used ahem! 

Even though, as they stated on their website, they had a wonderful opportunity to brand Wonderspun for their upcoming film "Manny",  I was told it was a special favour to a friend

The UGLY Reality: Kudan Augmented Reality

yes, that ever so humble little spin painting
often attributed to Damien Hirst 
that I did in 2010 and posted on my blog

was used for commercial use by Kudan.

Several weeks ago I found my spin art on Kudan's website banner, a specialist agency that creates Augmented Reality Apps for advertizing etc. Thought it was rather clever

and wanted to try and give them a chance to work

VK.com and copyright problems

VK is Russia's version of FB and it's not the FIRST time I have found work of mine being exploited on the site, and probably not the last. Today I found


Dotty Spin Painting AGAIN

being  used for a cafe promo

VK was slammed last year by a US report

I like how the owner of the site says you have to prove it in court


it's hanging on MY wall ;)

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