Blurring the Lines

I seem to have a thing for weaving back & forth between mediums & blurring the lines. As I work on a new yarnbombing camo doll for International Yarnbombing Day I've started a new embroidery based on an old one called the Gulch Gal. I still have the doll who is a bit worse for wear. Will be mixing, paint, embroidery and print on this piece and just like my camo dolls, hopefully the elements

Gum Wall, knit doll

Well, not quite. I'm  making a Traveling Gum Wall with my jafapal Nancy for the Yellow Springs Arts Council. Still working on some pieces of yarnbombing, and the camodoll,which I will call FiestaGal.

Started working on a new embroidery piece, YEA! 

If I wasn't so obsessed

with painting, embroidery and street art I think I would go bonkers with this book Astounding Knits because the crochet and knitting is just phenomenal. 

Talking about obsessions, Liza Lou is often accused of that, but aren't we all one way or another when we have a passion for something.  Can't even let tendinitis stop us, right!

Meanwhile someone in my critique group asked me why I use

Graffiti Fragments in Stitch: Zombie Rabbit

WIP: Vampire Bunny image on a wall in Graffiti Alley, Liberty Street, Ann Arbor. It's the bunny I drew with my left hand :) This is just the stitched part, so it's bigger than this.

 Art News 

 Despite recession, art thriving 

Artist Ai WeiWei still missing after 40 days.A survey of his work opens at London’s Lisson Gallery.

Street Art At It's Best

Craftivist Collective

Cancer Voodoo Dolls

I don't normally do commissions, but this was a special request. The above one is for bladder cancer and the one below is for brain cancer.

Each will go inside a special felt case.

art news

 Berlin Wall artists sue city in copyright controversy. Removing their murals due to maintenance is one thing, BUT having someone recreate their work because the artists wouldn't accept their

Travel with Me

Is the theme I picked for the Art House Sketchbook Project 2012

I must have a thing for eyes because I put one on the last project cover too, only this time I stitched it on sheer fabric.

I had dreams or nightmares (could go either way) all night trying to figure out how I wanted to do the inside cover.

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Art on Trial

The Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Free Expression. A "unique organization, devoted solely to the defense of free expression in all its forms."

Art on Trial

The use of the Barbie Doll in a satirical work qualified for Fair Use in a court case. However Nadia is facing legal harrassment for using an image in the same way, although it isn't an exact copy of their product, rather

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