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side view of the gum wall
graffiti alley Ann Arbor Michigan
photo by Jafabrit
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The Ann Arbor Chronicle did a story called "you say graffiti, we say ..." and they ask about the grafffiti in the alley, "Is it art?"
Sort of hard to justify gum stuck on a wall as being art lol! but if its used as tool to create a visual display, then why wouldn't it be? My feeling is the

Graffiti Alley Ann Arbor Michigan

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Spent a few days in Ann Arbor Michigan and found this wonderful graffiti alley off E.Liberty

Political Art: Hobgoblins

This is a piece I made a few years ago, but still very relevant today.
It is made with a wood box I built, porcelain teeth, light fixture inside, and ceramic figure huddled on a shelf inside. The figure is sitting above the light to the left slightly so it is half lit and casts shadows in the box.. This adds to the ominous nature of the piece.There is also a statement written

struggles of an artist

Free Art Friday "what if"

Art News Blog always seems to bring up issues that stay with me, and the post about Hazel Dooney is no different. Some of the diary entries posted on Art News resonated with me. Hazel said: "When I'm not happy with my art, everything in my life is fucked. When it's going well, everything is perfect". Oh my, how true this is for me (and I suspect for many of you

Marmite Chronicles

Manipulated Drawing (2HB graphite pencil) by c.bayrak
"Some think marmite is evil!"

So Evil it got banned

Would it be better for parents to put a silly marmite ad into perspective for their child or shield them by attempting to ban anything that is scary? Yes this is old news story on the bbc from 2005 but I was thinking of censorship and was reminded of my fave spread marmite. Don't

Painting Cans Project

Our (mine and Nancy's) cans are now posted on Painting Cans, a collaborative project by the Confusion Group.
Hope you check it out as it's fun seeing the different ways people have painted their cans.

So we were one of the Thousands Without Power in Ohio
Just got our Power back after two and a half days.

We lost a tree, a few shingles, no phones or cell phone access.
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Effigy Doll :Must Knit

doll by jafabrit
Do NOT sleep! Do NOT sleep!

Seems like my major mission today is fight the urge to sleep. Noooooooooo, must not sleep. I am so pumped up with meds to fight this head cold. Did manage to go and buy a couple of barbie dolls from the charity shop this afternoon. Going to make some more camo textile totems. I bought the most fluffly yummy baby blue wool too so I will away and

Dickie Bird Tweets

It's raining, it's pouring, the old man is snoring
I got sunshine on a cloudy day
Today I feel almost human after a week of a horrid head cold.

And so the
Dickie Bird Tweets

I cut out this portion of the mdf board I started painting on earlier this week. I stitched on the beads (drilled holes on mdf and used black embroidery thread). For the pink flower center I used an old

Abstractions and Distractions

I have a head cold bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!and I am trying to convince myself it is not that bad. Not working, just don't have the energy to do much. However that creative urge, that muse is trying to distract me and I have to do something, even if it's just a little here and there. I started working on a 4'x3' primed mdf board.
This is the cropped portion that I like so far. I do have in

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