Sunday Snaps: Ground Horse

Took a long walk in Glen Helen and it was gorgeous. I always manage to see  little creatures and not just live one's but one's that exist in the mind's eye. My husband says I'm like that little girl in the movie The Fall, always full of imagination and collecting little boxes of trinkets.

This is a tree root; looks like a horse trying to break free and run wild in the woods.

Classical Drawing and Hair

more info

20 minute poses and our model had this classical look that made her such a pleasure to draw, alas she is moving out of state :(

Hair is always a problem for me, and the last thing I even want to confront, but I really like how the hair and bun turned out.

From the Virtual Instructor

I found another fan of Pierre-Paul Prud'hon and check out how his work inspired this

Copyright: Twisted Wire Face


I did a blog entry about my twisted wire face in 2011.  


now removed

what the fudge is it doing on Vimeo

and wow, this  architectural firm exhibited at the Venice Biennale. 

A large enough company to know BETTER 


used it to promote an event on their fb page

Copyright: what a peaCOCK- up

Look familiar?

Yes, my scanned feathers from 2010

How they ended up on a major publishers 70th anniversary edition book cover I don't know, and of course you GUESSED it, no credit to me, no payment, NADA. I tried emailing  thepublishing company but NO response, but here it is on amazon


here it is a

LA Central


“Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six

Yarnbombing at the Corner Cone

and spuggy sez

 there's  a right yarn going on there too.

Oh, of course I had to put a bird on it ;)

Owner Bob Swaney commissioned me to do a yarnbomb and gave me free reign. I slowly knitted it over the winter. Probably could have done it in minutes with a machine, but there is something about doing it by hand and for a specific location that makes it personalized and special. 


Spin Art Theatre: NOT a Damien Hirst Butterfly

Imitating myself, imitating Damien Hirst, and back to myself.

If this is your first visit here, then here is the explanation for the title.

"For me, art is always a kind of theater."Damien Hirst 

Alas my Spin Painting White Blossom by Damien Hirst NOT won't be seen in the Tate Modern, ahem!

However there may be plenty Not so cheap knockoff copies of my painting hanging in numerous

Sunday Snaps: Stone and Brick

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There is something about country drives that are so soothing to the soul and  last week I saw this graveyard statue when we were driving through Beavercreek Ohio.

Talking about soothing I won't pretend things have been soothing lately. The constant theft of so much of my work has been very damaging to my creative incentive and pretty depressing. Suffice it to say that

Nice Try but it's still my art


 it's still MY art that was used, ahem!

Spin Flower

Oh I know, someone adjusted the hue and saturation, squished the image, and photoshopped it to look like it's sitting on hands BUT

I would love to see how anyone could possibly could have made an exact copy of mine? You see I did not use an ordinary spin art machine to create it and it took more than 5 minutes to create. It

Copyright Lawsuit BuzzFeed and Man fired from Job he Invented

Marie Kazalai at Artist Marketing Resources shared a link with me about a current lawsuit against BuzzFeed by a photographer.

Buzzfeed is estimated as a $200 million dollar company by the Wall Street Journal and makes it's money from advertizing.

The photographer was asked why he is asking so much and he should get a life(which is a drop in the bucket compared to the income this company makes

Copyright: It's not a DREAM, it's a nightmare

yep, another one of my spin art paintings Peacock Dream from 2010 used by a dj for a music video.

You would think all spin art looks the same but there is a certain technique I used with a  home built machine that distinguishes them.

And here it is

in the webcache dated 2011 on the jafagirls old wordpress blog a year before it got used on the music video.

Why can't people just

New work by Danielle Silva

Happy almost Summer! Here's a few new pieces by Danielle Silva

Tattoo by Danielle Silva

Partially completed cover-up, Tattoo by Danielle Silva

Triceratops Tattoo by Danielle Silva

"Zinger" from Donkey Kong, Tattoo by Danielle Silva

Fairy and Dragon back piece, Tattoo by Danielle Silva

Sonic Half Sleeve in progress (logo in top left not by Danielle) Tattoo by Danielle Silva

Halloween Sleeve, Tattoo by Danielle Silva

Fox in a frame, Tattoo by Danielle Silva

What a Yarn with Banksy and Planking on a Yarnbombed Bench

okay, this one lost me LOL!

What has my pic of the jafagirl flower power pole got to do with Bansky and Exit Through the Gift Shop and when did Banksy's movie become a disaster movie ;)

Must be another one of those mux up's, I mean MIX up's!

And some  had fun with our yarnbombed 

Carpe Diem Bench 

No sound on it, but go to 1.55

and here in New Zealand all about 
Planking at 4:27 

Feast for the Eyes

Mine and Others

This is my view from the kitchen, well not quite as dreamy as this


 you get the picture. 

and those driving by will get a peep of this old yarnbomb jafapal Nancy and I put together. 

It was stored in the cupboard after being taken down from the Dayton Art Museum exhibit last year. Needed some fresh air.


Peeps on the Bike Trail can enjoy the gorgeous view as

Time to Vote!

Lets make it 2 YEARS running! 
Thanks for your support!

Image Licence: Yes, I have something to say UK Arts Directory

Thank You

Not only are they licencing my free art friday sceaming mouth image for their website  section If You Have Something To Say, they included a blog entry with links 

As an expat Geordie, I am chuffed as mint balls they wanted to use my work on their website.

Here is their about section and uk artists can

register for free.


Licencing Info

For those who are

Life Drawing: Such a Struggle

 We had a GREAT model at the studio yesterday, an absolute professional and knows how to do a range of classical poses. Boy oh boy though did I struggle, took me 20 minutes just to get this down and even then I wasn't getting it. I ask myself at times like this why the heck do I put myself through this, it's so frustrating and then I read THIS article by Judith Schaechter. It's a long read but

Drawing and Yarnbombing

And it's time for this spuggy to get on with her day, life drawing, and no doubt I will pick the most awkward angles to draw.

Okay this isn't awkward, but hands are a challenge for me and the other hand was really hard to made sense of visually.

Box-ism by corrine

 Then yarnbombing for Yellow Springs Pride

Have a GREAT day everyone!

Award Winning Artist discovers her painting used on pillows at TJ Maxxx

In April 2013 Kay visited TJMaxx and I asked her about it.
 "I discovered this unauthorized copyright infringement in April 2013 by seeing a pillow in TJMaxx/Home Goods store in Midland, TX. 

 I photographed its identifiers (face of pillow, tags front and back).  After notifying their customer service, TJX notified their designers of importer Devi Designs theft of my work.  I was told by

Spin Art on Design Portfolio? Chicago Art Festival?

So back in 2010 I talked about how easy it is to set up your own spin art machine and do your own. I guess some don't want to spend actual time doing their own.  Don't they teach the students about copyright at Louisiana State University? 

Using it for a class assignment is one thing, using it for your online design portfolio website is another. 

Meanwhile in Chicago

my spin art


New Tattoos by Matt Decker and a Custom Bike Helmut!

Matt Decker painted a custom helmut for the release of the Manifesto / Oaklandish bike collaboration.
With warm weather in full swing the shop has been filling up and Matt Decker has a few new pieces to show off. 

Custom Bike Helmut, Painted by Matt Decker

Story Book Half Sleeve, Multi View Tattoo by Matt  Decker

Storybook Half Sleeve, Multi View Tattoo by Matt Decker

Paisley side piece Tattoo by Matt Decker

Snake Thigh Piece, Tattoo by Matt Decker

Spine Script Piece, Tattoo by Matt Decker

Tattoo by Matt Decker

Outline done and color soon to follow

Tattoo by Matt Decker

Tattoo by Matt Decker

Tattoo By Matt Decker

Tattoo By Matt Decker

A Fat Finch, Tattoo by Matt Decker

Tattoo by Matt Decker

Tattoo by Matt Decker

Ganesh, Tattoo by Matt Decker

Tattoo by Matt Decker

Matt Decker Tattooing his Father-in-Law

Strolling down to Street Fair

Each year it seems Street Fair gets busier and busier, and MORE garage sales lining the way down Dayton Yellow Springs Road. Thankfully we can just stroll on down and I spied a stencil on the way. Always love coming across odd things when you least expect them.

Meanwhile back in the studio

I am just about finished one embroidery piece, "i hate clowns", and had fun doing the

The NOT Damien Hirst Painting AGAIN: Art in Motion Music

Yea, you know the one, this one

The one that is spread all over the net attributed to Damien Hirst

ta da here it is again

Album Page on Soundcloud

Art In Motion-Arte do Movimento (March Podcast 2013)


Who cares about YOUR copyright?

I had a dream last night of an eagle soaring above my head and I rushed to get my camera. I zoomed in and it was so beautiful and majestic. I was in AWE. I could even see the air ripples in slow motion as the eagle soared in the blue skies. 

Click! Click!



There was no image on my camera.

I was so disappointed


I woke up.


Eagles are a symbol of courage, strength,

Not Jackson Pollock either

Drip painting by Nancy Mellon and Corrine Bayraktaroglu

Not quite as bizarre as the Damien Hirst story

more do to with just how easy it is for images being passed along so much people download it and either the site they took it from has changed the file name, or the person downloading it changed the file name.


TA DA our (as in moi and Nancy Mellon) painting is now a Jackson

Copyright:Well this just takes the CAKE-Someone else claims copyright to my Spin Art Painting

Yep, there is my spin art painting hanging in my house below the other record that also got ripped off.

If it's not bad enough a record company used my image,


a clown


another record company

and now

this one claims copyright on it tooooooo.

seems like the metadata has changed since this morning but here is the screenshot

Artist and Congressman fighting copyright Piracy overseas BUT it is happening at home How Pinterest Users May Be Breaking the Law

The story of RB McGrath and her fight is on this news website,
getting RIPPED OFF is happening around the world, it is happening in this country . 

Copyright Commerce and Culture

courtesy of Creators Against Pinterest

A message from Fine Art America 

You would think people sharing your work is a good thing, but pinterest is like a Whispers game and by the time your image has passed

This is what happens when a fundamentalist takes power in a secular nation

courtesy of 

Draconian Brutality and Turmoil in Turkey: It's not just ANY park in Turkey

Taksim Square is the heart of Istanbul, a green space and refuge from the concrete jungle that surrounds it, and a place with great historical significance. So when the government decided to build a mall on that spot with no public input or support people objected.  50 environmentalists protested in the park (which has always been a place for peaceful protests and gatherings) the police

Copyright: What is it with Family Holiday Net

Do they just troll craftersartists websites/pinterest/flickr and grab images?

Not only have I found several of my photographs of jafagirl projects, the file names are changed? When did TOP hat file name change from being felt craft top hat by nancy mellon to this

THis is a hat Nancy Mellon made and I photographed for her and was posted on Village Artisans Gallery.

When I asked them about my

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