Photograph of Found Art

"bugs rule, ha!ha!"
The jafagirls were leaving bits of art around town and I was photographing some of them. I hurriedly took a pic of my bug on the post in Kings Yard in Yellow Springs and somehow managed to capture some wonderful shadows and reflections.

To see a slide show of some of the found art just click on jafagirls. Nancy painted a stick that has a total of 36 faces in it and its

Heart Paintings and New Links

Every now and again I need a colour fix. So while my oil paintings are drying I like to do my acrylic heart paintings. I use mdf board that has been primed, and then I just let loose with the colours, a little glitter, and sometimes a little collage. Once dry I will cover with a clear resin coat.

Talking about colour, I got some lovely postcards from the ultimate colourist Casey Klahn (one

Culture Watch: Maori Art

Painting on Stone 2004

I was browsing through a body art book that had several pictures of Maori tattoos (Tā moko) and was really taken with their artwork and culture. Tattooing has a long rich history and for me it is quite fascinating to see how different cultures use it to define themselves. We do have a Maori Elder in Yellow Springs called Raymond Ruka who has written a book called "The

Meanwhile in the Studio

The jafagirls got together in my studio and experimented in our sketchbooks. The goal was not to spend time thinking about it, just rip a picture out of a magazine and start to paint over or around it. Mine ended up looking very Basquiat like, and I am not sure Rufus liked the way I depicted him (or maybe he did as he imagines himself to be quite a scary big brute).

WIP: Portrait in Oil

I started the top and it's interesting what I can see needs to be changed/refined when I post the image up on the blog. Another method artists employ to get an objective view of what they are working on is to look at a reflection of the work in a mirror. It is amazing how you can spot some of the flaws in a painting in the reflection and completely miss it when looking at it directly. I erased

Studio Painting

It was snowing all day yesterday, but I've been in the studio working on several projects, drinking lots of tea, and listening to "mourning becomes electra" by Eugine O'Neill. Suffice it to say I am not complaining about being stuck in the house all day.

This is one of the projects I am working on. It is oil on wood and as you can see I started with a grisaille first. It needs quite a few

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