Sketchbook to Embroidery

I wanted to see if I could translate an image from my sketchbook into embroidery and of course bit off more than I could chew. The photograph of my resin painting "dead space" is complex and then add to that all the text above it, yikes! But, I'm enjoying the challenge.

This is a good example of how a sketchbook can be such a wonderful resource for work you never imaged you would be doing.

Finished Skeleton Embroidery

Now I don't know what to do with it because what I thought I was going to do didn't quite work out. Now it is going to have to sit in my studio for a while until an idea hits me. I have learned one thing about myself, never pays to rush. Even though I feel guilty at times for seeming like a snail I am constantly reminded of why it is important for me to pace myself. Same thing happened with

It was a bitchy day

floss on hand dyed linen designed by c.bayrak

and thank goodness I don't come across them too often in life or on line . I was going to just put text in the box but I saw a little drawing of an eye I had done lying on the studio table and wham! I wanted to try it with embroidery. Why "i hate bitches"? Don't know, just kind of popped into my head after I'd read a hateful snarky comment on

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