I Won Something and NOT in Vegas

I, Jafabrit, actually won something. I won a book called, "Men In Space" in a competition on The View From Here, a literary blog by writer Mike French. The question was what would you graffiti on the wall and I wrote JAFAGIRLS ROCK--hee! hee! of course! To see why the author, Tom McCarthy, chose my entry visit Mike's Blog. Considering I love Jaffa cakes and I love painting faces on Rocks, Tom

The mighty MGM

reading art by corrine bayraktaroglu originally
posted on Jafabrit's Art. 

you for dropping by.

Knitters beat MGM Mirage in Public Art Media Blitz: Arts JournalSo I thought I would leave a little found art from little ol' me outside MGM Mirage :)
I wrote good luck on the back of it.

About the NewsIt's been quite intriguing and interesting reading the reactions to this story

I'm Baaaaaaaaaack

Oh my! Vegas is a strange place. While every hotel/casino has a unique theme, they all have the same beautiful BUT unrelenting vomit inducing carpets (well if you've had a few too many drinks-which is rather popular to do here) in EVERY casino, slot machine, slot machine, slot machine (surprised they didn't have them in the bogs as well), more carpets, smoke, slot machine, SMOKE, and more

Too Famous to Blog

Naw! just kidding, we're yesterday's news
. Truth is I am off to Vegas so I won't be posting for a week.

Will ya miss me, huh! huh!

Nancy and I did the Dwyer & Michaels Radio Show ysterday morning, what a riot those guys are, humph! and they were wondering if I was OFF my meds ;) It was a FUN interview.

I hate it, it isn't hardening. I am going to have to scrape it off my

"Your Documents Please"

"i d therefore i am"

Scheduled venues for the

International Traveling Exhibit

April 4- 20 2008The Museum of Arts & Crafts-ITAMI2-5-28, Miyanomae,Itami-shi HYOGO 6640895 JAPAN
April 26 -

Hello: I still have to do laundry

News or no News

I still have to do laundry, wash the dishes, bath the dog, update the arts council blog,
pluck me eyebrows
and then there is art making to do
for the Jafagirlart Doll ExhibitI am Mother
Time to Nurture
the seeds of creation
to stitch, to sew, to paint

I had so much doing this doll for Found Art Project. Somehow she ended up being adopted by the Emporium a couple of

In the News :"Knitters Dress Up Trees for Public Art"

photo by c.bayrak

I don't even know what to say LOL! James THANKYOU ! it seems the story about the "KnitKnot" tree is being picked up by just about every outlet there is around the world.
Here is James Hannah's article in the Associated Press.

BBC Radio is interviewing Nancy and I , so keep your fingers crossed.
And if you are reading this and wondering why?
Well it's simple really.

Oh! those groovy Romans

The image I used for the adobe overlay is based on a painting I did of a roman bust I saw in a museum. A moment with Gaea I lay on the soft grasssheep bleating, bees buzzing sun kissingslipping into psychedelic dreamsdissolving into the earth
I am one with Gaeaa moment in 1972

This and That and Fancy That


is my favourite painting because it is my daughter


because it is my favourite painting of my son



Nancy and I were interviewed by the Associated Press this morning as part of a larger story about tree sweaters (our KnitKnot Tree) and knit graffiti sweeping across the country. Keep Your fingers crossed.

Bill Evertson

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