Abstract Painting

"moon howl"

acrylic on canvas

Well, again Phillip has inspired another post with a question about abstract art and my interest in it. I painted "moon howl" in 98. I did try to incorporate text into it,but wasn't happy with it and so partly obscured it.

Did these in 2002 and they are acrylic reverse paintings on plastic. These were so much fun to do, just playing with paint,

sketchbook: ex-voto painting

"As a child I dreamed of cats howling at the moon


heads following in the night.

The wolf stalks, breath is cold and my heart beats & beats & beats.

I prayed let this night be over, be over, be over,

but the head still follows


the wolf waits in the dark corners


there is no escape

from the demons that haunt us in the night."

Obviously this isn't what the original

A Rose is a Rose

"Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose."

which translates to

"things are what they are".

Gertrude Stein

One of my earliest lessons in drawing was not to draw what you *think* you see, but what it is and what you see. The painting study on the left was about seeing light/dark and shapes (I squinted my eyes when looking at the rose). The drawing on the right is obviously about only

Sketchbook: african violets


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Drawing of African Violets from life using black and white conte crayon on grey drawing paper.
"To the ancient Romans, violets were

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