Idle Hands, NOT

It's getting cold, time for my virtual fireplace.Okay so meds have made fine drawing difficult but my hands can't stay idle too long. I've been busy baking cranberry scones, and my hands don't tremble too much to use a sewing machine. I'm making cushion covers with this cool retro fabric called "feeling groovy" from J&O fabrics(boy these guys shipped fast)Off to the movies later to see "The

Wordless Wednesday: Robin


Dear Visitor, thank you for visiting and my apologies. Unfortunately due to the continued infringement, mining and exploitation of my images by individuals, spammers and companies I no longer have the incentive to show my photographs and artwork.

Missouri Botanical Gardens

It Mocks Me

"ha ha! I knew I would see you in the docs office na!na!na!"It wasn't the coughing that did it, it was the listless disinterest in doing any art, even my embroidery that scared Mr.Jafabrit. So off to the docs I was taken.Upper Respiratory InfectionMeds & ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
But just before the coughing and meds took holdI did manage to get this done for my "shiny pretty things" Mdf board, acrylic

Next Phase:shiny pretty things

I finished the hair using a couching method with string and white floss and padded the wings (one on the left looks like it needs a bit less).

The next step is to paint the wood panel, then reattach the black fabric panel,stitch on the girl and then figure out what I want in the background(I have an idea but will share that another day).

Professional News
chuffed as punch :) which means

Building Up the Layers

It's slowly coming along, building up the layers and taking my time.I added batting to the hands and arms to give some dimension, old bits of lace for the sleeves and neckline,a button on the eye and decided to paint the pelvic wings (oil paint). She needs hair next and then I think I want to cut her out of the orange fabric and attach her to something like this below.

I cut out a piece

Experimenting: Collage, Paint and Embroidery

I'm playing with an old image just to experiment with. Figuring how to layer the paint and fabric etc was a little tricky. I painted the arms and then realized I needed to cut them out in white first and put them over the collaged black fabric. I embroidered the face after I added some black fabric for the nose and eye, cut it out, stitched onto the piece and then used acrylic colour wash

Beetoe Pees Here

JafaLad (namely Pierre), Karen, Teresa and I met up and yarnbombed today and I couldn't resist leaving this note in honor of JafaLad's Chihuahua Beetoe.

err, I did miss out one e, so Pierre had to squeeze it in , and then he added the arrow and yellow trail :) Karen sewed her quilted flowers onto my knitted/crochet patches, and Teresa added her beautiful knitting. So far I would say Knit


You know the types of haters, they have nothing nice to say or negate everything you do. It happens a lot when you're young, but even at my age I get it now and again, especially with any attention my work or public art projects get. I wonder if they ever realize how sad they look? I found this wonderful blog entry that I know is 2 years old but still very relevant called "Mean People Suck" and


Sketchbook Studies
I decided to experiment in my sketchbook with an image of my current embroidery piece and rename it."be normal"
I was thinking of our troops, of war zones and wondering how one can be normal after all this AND what is normal anyway? Is your normal my normal? How can one be normal after one,two, three tours of duty in a war zone, to see your family shot at a checkpoint, to see

The Queen of GewGaw: Aminah Robinson

You can see Aminah's World here and what an adventure.

Columbus, Ohio, artist Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson creates magical two- and three-dimensional works of art" using " traditional art materials with found objects and everyday materials such as buttons, cloth, leather, twigs, shells, and music box workings"
Aminah has an exhibit at the Springfield Museum of Art called "Along Water Street

E is for Eye on Yarnbombing and Chickens

and it's all about eye's lately

The Knit Knot Tree is back and if you live in town or plan to visit then bring a piece of your knitting or crochet to put on the tree. The measurements for the tree are on the Jafagirl blog, so get clickety clacking with those needles or crochet hooks.

I love this eye

On a more serious note: I am delighted to learn that in the uk battery(factory) farmed

D is for Discombobulated

My favourite American word is discombobulated which I seem to mutter frequently in the studio. It still stinks of dammar varnish which means I still have to demephitise the place for several days with my trusty hepa filter.Art Studio Safety Guide

Meanwhile in the Studio
My dexterous fingers are still at it, albiet a bit ragged since I never never never use a thimble. I've used a leather thimble

C is for Credit

A pal and I got it in the credits for crafting yummy sandwiches for the actors and crew during filming of this short film adapation of "love conquers all" by Irish writer Mike McCormick, thanks Vanessa.

unbeknownst to us until a couple of days ago the Knit Knot Tree was included in this book published in August
believe it or not
I am still surprised by the inclusion, but I guess us

B is for Bovvered

and bovvered I was. My daughter shared this stress reducer after my disastrous efforts to save a jar of venice turp resin (very very very very very SMELLY) from crashing to the floor in my studio. In the process I knocked over my cup of tea and dropped all my papers on the floor, arg!!!!!! All was not lost though, I decided I don't hate my effigy doll as much since I added hair, so I left the

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