Amazing Winter Wedding Photograph

Yes! this is REAL!

It was a white wedding as the there was snow on the ground but then as the reception was  underway it started to snow that lovely gentle snowfall. Dj ju ju added to the mood with the song "Let it Snow" and it was pure magic. The Bride and Groom were stunning but then our photographer Crystal Heis came inside a minute later and showed me the photograph she had just taken and

Henna Night

Brides Hands

Boxing Day Sewing, Candy Canes and Panto

and it sat hidden in the cupboards for years since I bought it in a garage sale back in the 80's. Always intending to do it but oh well, you know how that goes.

Titan Needlecraft Felt Applique Tree Skirt Kit 1987

Still not quite finished (some pieces were missing), BUT ta DA! finished enough it can sit under the tree.  

Meanwhile outside on Boxing Day the candy canes dance in the trees as

Put a Bird on It-Brian it's Started

More Info

 Pal Brian Housh and I have decided that next year is the "put a bird on it " year in Yellow Springs, Ohio, and what better way for me to start than with the Christmas Wreath I just hung on the front door. I noticed it had NO BIRD in the nest. Hum, luckily I have a few spare birds and "put a bird on on it."

For those who don't know, "put a bird on it" is a hilarious skit

#FAFyes: Glittery Things

No quotes with this one, just seemed nice as is. Nothing handmade, but for the season who can resist glitter and a glue gun ;)

By the way did you know there is a

 Safe Sparkle Glitter Movement? 

It was started by the Crafty Chica and dedicated to self proclaimed glitter disliker Ellen DeGeneres, uh huh, take THAT Ellen.
 It's fun, check it out.

Back in 2007 I wrote a blog entry about

This time Last Year

Last year this time I was in San Juan Puerto  Rico watching fireworks

This year I'm in Ohio photographing

Hum, not sure if winkles are as exciting, BUT hey, I have learned to make my OWN fun wherever I am. 
  I am finding taking black and white photographs quite a challenge. I see something I think is cool and then see it on my camera viewer (which is set to b&w) and

Vintage 1970 Christmas: Balls and Fudge

Giant Christmas Balls

Found a few old mags at the local charity shop and  thought this project I found in a 1970 Better Homes & Garden Magazine would be fun to do if anyone wants to give it a go.

and if you're in the mood for Fudge

(is there are time when you aren't ;)

A New Pencil

30 min pose

An art friend from NY sent me a wonderful pencil to try out called a Mitsu-bishi Hi-uni 10B.  I tried it in Life Drawing, and it's the softest pencil I have ever used and divine to draw with. 

The study looks like smudgy mess, but I was trying to get soft and hard lines for the form and smudging to get the muscles underneath.

30 min pose

Feet are always hard for me to do, so

It's a dull grey wet day in Ohio

2012 Fairfield Pike, Yellow Springs, Ohio

There are moments when all anxiety and stated toil are becalmed in the infinite leisure and repose of nature ~ Thoreau

So yes, it's a dull day, but when I would normally just look at it, having to photograph it means having to SEE it. 

Looking vs Seeing: 15 min tutorial

Creature Bone

There is no light without shadow and no psychic wholeness without imperfection ~ Carl Jung

Developing Creativity - Our Shadow Side

I have and continue to be very partial to Chiaroscuro in my work and so I thought it would be a good exercise to explore black and white photography next year (along with daily drawing). My goal is to  see if I can evoke a mood beyond just the image as well

Sketchbook Studies: Pencil Drawing

pencil drawing in sketchbook

In order to keep up my drawing skills I go to life drawing OR do studies in my sketchbook.I used a photograph as a reference and drew out grid marks to get the general proportions of the nose and eyes and ear. The rest I relied on eyeballing it. Some don't like grid marks as a means to lay out a drawing.  I don't think there's a right way or a wrong way, just

Wordless Wednesday: Eye Study

1 hour study of an eye in graphite

K is for Kaput

Hand Embroidery by Jafabrit

Well not quite, but that's how I view the past year *artistically* speaking. Somehow I lost my footing and my self esteem and confidence took some huge hits. It wasn't any one thing but rather a collection of unpleasant unrelated events over the span of a few months beginning in March that did it. Boom! Boom! Boom! one thing after the other. Becoming a recluse

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