I used to say

 don't play with your food to my children

but they didn't listen!

My son and girlfriend did this to my breakfast plate

Embroidery Progress Report

 bear is wearing what is considered a british icon,

a knotted hanky that my son wore as a baby one hot sunny day in Texas

Slow and Tedious

 That black area is long and short stitch (except I am not keeping all my stitches the same

Bits & Bobs from Jafabrit's Hoose

 From ArtDaily
 Jasper Johns receives 2010 Presidential Medal of Freedom

The Critic Sees by Jasper Johns

My jafapal Nancy and I have started a blogtalk radio show (eeeeeek) called
 Bits & Bobs with the Jafagirls

Origin of Bits & Bobs

 Work In Progress

linen, paint, fabric markers

dmc embroidery floss

This is based on the painting I did for the Pub Alley Project

obviously my plea

for sunshine

didn't work



arg! that is the word of the month.

Border for knit knot tree embroidery panel

embroidery stitch dictionary

I would like to claim life has distracted me from doing my usual load of art, but I always feel if you really want to do it you would.  I can only conclude my muse wants me to take it slow.

Well, err, I have to blame

A peek at Yinka Shonibare and others at Art Babble

 Art Babble

Art Babble Facebook Page

"This trailer spotlights the artists Mary Heilmann, William Kentridge, and Yinka Shonibare MBE, offering brief glimpses of an additional eleven, dynamic and engaging contemporary artists."

Yinka Shonibare Website

wiki bio

So inpsiring!

Back to planet Jafabrit

Valentine Rose in a Bunny Vase

Doing the bottom of the knit knot

fusion of art and engineering

theo janson

a fusion of art and engineering

website with other film examples

George Condo is BIG but


George Condo

 Jerry Saltz shares why on Ask an Art Critic 

Not sure what I think of his work. Wish I could see it in the real and get a better sense of it's impact aesthetically and technically. I felt this when I saw Jackson Pollock's painting for the first time in a museum. The size and grandeur and beauty can't possibly be shared in an image in a book or magazine. It did

graffiti is vandalism BUT

how could this wall look any worse. The graffiti/street art (not talking about gang tagging) is not just a bright spot of colour on a drab delapidated building but it is touching people's hearts and points to an unpleasant reality.

Street Art and Reality on Hanbury Street, London. from Shafiur Rahman on Vimeo.

 My street art with the Jafagirls isn't quite as grand but nevertheless 

shopdropping in Columbus Ohio

about shopdropping

I was perusing a book store in Columbus Ohio and decided to leave a sticker pic of my bad bunny wheatpaste in a graffiti book.

Don't ask me why, spur of the moment thing.

I also can't explain why I LOVE this  bad bad bunny wheatpaste so much, but oh well!

Some of my Guerilla Art Mischief

Photography here and there in a square

Here in Ohio

doll chair by mark greenwalt

at the Columbus Craft Musuem

It was really hard to choose which chairs I liked most in this really cool exhibit. Talk about intersecting craft & art.
I was fascinated with the shadows as much as the doll chair :)

There in Egypt

 From  (social network aquaintance) Ahmed Mokhtar 

Tahrir Square

 Egypt Twitter Updates

Love this quote on


do I have to have a hand stitched blue sky

it's going to take me FOREVER to do this couching for the sky portion of my knit knot tree panel. Okay, I told myself that this panel might take a few months, and this is why. It's got to be worth it, yes :)

Sometimes old things come in really useful.

And this present from jafapal Nancy was one such item. When we lost power during the ice

Boo Hoo

I miss my family miles away

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