5 Favorite Tattoo Design Inspiration

Travelling body art tattoo is much in demand both temporary and permanent. People who have had tattoos on his body mendaptakan negative stigma, as related to crime, thugs or labeled as people who are not good. But now there is a shift in the meaning of the tattoo is an element of art that is inherent in the body .

The word 'tattoo' or tattoo ( UK ) itself comes from the Tahitian word / Tatu , who have the meaning signifies something. Below are a variety of tattoo designs and some photos of a person with a tattoo model is very interesting and can be an inspiration for those of you who like tattoos.
Black Swallow Bird Tattoo Design On Back Body

1.Swallow Bird tattoos
Those who chose a bird tattoo on his body are usually associated with people who want freedom and beauty. So that they express with birds or bird wings tattoos with bright shades and interesting. The embellishments used are usually influenced by a picture of their hearts that will ditatto, eg owl, bird Phoenix, Crow bird, bird eagle or swallow. For example, swallow motif is said to symbolize the rise of kegelepan, resurrection or awesomeness Crow bird, the Phoenix bird symbolizes strength, bird peacock symbolizes beauty and owl symbolizes virtue.
Black Cat Tattoo Design On Lower Back

2.Cat Tattoos
For those of you who have a fanged Tatto with animal motifs can mean you are the type who are hungry for power, leadership, courage and power . Some of them are chosen tattoos lion tattoo that symbolizes courage, immortality and alertness. Some people choose tattoos that symbolize Kesetian Dogs and confidence and this is the forerunner of a sentence is said to Man's Best Friend. But for those who have a cat tattoo is said to symbolize the feminine side or spoiled, because the cat is hungry for love animals. On the other hand the Egyptians made ​​the cat as a symbol of death is assumed to be the animal that can connect with the life of the World Natural Natural Death.
Turtle Tattoo Design On Back Body Female

3.Turtle Tattoos
In Chinese belief, the tortoise is a symbol of longevity and wise, so for you, who has tattoos turtles, said to typically have a long life expectancy and happy. Not only that, other animals such as the frog symbolizes a positive change in life, because the frog comes from the cycle before the adult shelf. Other reptiles are lizards that symbolizes the strength to rise from adversity. For the lizard, lizard or gecko tail when threatened will decide to survive and over time the tail will grow back.
Dragonfly Tattoo Design On Side Body Female

4.Dragonfly Tattoos
Many people who appreciate insect tattoos on his body, while the meaning adapted to the purpose of the wearer. For those who tattooed his body with tattoos dragonfly is said to have hidden meaning of Life and Spiritual, Dragonfly is an insect that has a wonderful ability to fly and have a long process before bermetamofosis become adult dragonflies. Examples of other insects are butterflies which is generally interpreted as a symbol of beauty, another hidden meaning of the butterfly is a sign of gratitude to the beauty of the colorful life of the world, this is because the life of a butterfly is short but has colorful beauty in wings. Although there is also a pun meaning another, such as the identity of the comfort women.
Back Body With Koi Fish Tattoo Design

5.Fish tattoos
Fish are animals that live in water, and water is a symbol of life, usually tattoo motifs used are Koi fish, Betta fish, sharks, dolphins and others. This motif is often defined by a fan of tattoos as a symbol of fertility and life as stated in the manuscript of 'The Celtic of Wisdom'. While the Koi fish is a symbol of Strength and beauty in Japanese culture What do you think? Related tattoos are permanent, some religious societies does have its own view. Then there is no harm in consulting and many questions before deciding anything.


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