The Meaning Of Lotus Flower Tattoo Design

Back Body With Pink Lotus Flower Tattoo Design
White lotus flower tattoo symbolizes Bodhi ( Sanskrit for enlightenment ). Pure symbolizes the body, mind and soul, along with the perfection of one's spiritual nature and peace. lotus flower tattoos are generally equipped with eight petals, in accordance with the Law of Good Eightfold Path. White lotus is considered as the lotus of the Buddha ( but not the Buddha himself ) as mentioned above symbols associated with it.

Female Back Body Pink Lotus Flower Tattoo Design
blue lotus flower tattoo symbolizes the spirit of a sense of control over the material. So a symbol of knowledge, wisdom and intelligence. Lotus blue lotus is associated with Manjusri, and also one of the attributes of Prajnaparamita, the embodiment of perfection of wisdom.
Pink Lotus FLower Tattoo Design On the Back Body Female

Red lotus flower tattoo symbolizes the original state of the liver . symbol of love, affection, activeness, lust and other emotions associated with the heart. Usually depicted with a red lotus petals open, which is probably to symbolize the beauty and openness of heart that gives.
Purple Lotus Flower Tattoo In The Lower Back Design

pink lotus tattoo is the supreme lotus, often associated with the supreme god, the Buddha himself. Although it is often confused with the white lotus, pink lotus it is the lotus symbolizes the Buddha where white is used for holy figures lower.
Red Lotus Flower Tattoo Design In Back Body

Purple lotus flower tattoos known as the mystic lotus, represented only in some esoteric Buddhist sect. The lotus is often depicted several ways; was probably bloom or just a bud. This can be supported by a rod, a rod symbolizing three three parts of Garbhadhatu.


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