5 Tattoo Designs Inspiration For Women

Tattoos today no longer synonymous with thugs and crime. The art of body painting has become a fashion nowadays even its own bari the women. And now the tattoo design was no longer creepy. Tattoos with its sleek design image motif and high beseni a favorite of women. What is it?

There are some images that became a favorite motif of the woman to be tattooed on his body. some of the themes raised in general and of course synonymous with the image of women. And here are some popular tattoo images of women used to adorn the body.
Fimale With Upper Back Angel Tattoo Design

1.angel tattoos
Tattoo of a fairy and angel tattoo is a favorite of young Indian women. Angel tattoo has a spiritual meaning, as we know angels are messengers of God. With angel tattoo a person feel more secure and protected.
Female Butterfly Tattoo Design

2.Butterfly Tattoo
Butterfly tattoo on the female body has meaning within. Usually women who get tattoos of butterflies have a free spirit. Women with butterfly tattoo also usually creative, patient, intelligent, like nature, and very friendly.
Female with Hibiscus FLower Tattoo Design

3.Flower tattoos
Many women make flower tattoos on his body. Most of these tattoos are made in the wrist or on foot. Women tattoos of flowers are generally confident, feminine, charming and romantic.
Female with Viking Tattoo Design

4.Unique Symbol Tattoos
For women who have unique personalities, they usually choose a tattoo that is not unusual. For example a symbol Swastika, Viking, or a letter from the Egyptian hieroglyphs. Well, women who work in creative fields such as writers and photographers usually like tattoos like this.
Letters Tattoo Design For Girl

5.The letters and numbers tattoo
When you do not like the picture, some people choose numbers or letters as tattoos. The letters then assembled into words, usually spoken Chinese or Greek letters, also French. The women today love to make tattoos song lyrics, names , or historic date in their bodies.


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